on grief. Another feather.

So I'm typing this for the Los Cabos International Airport, SJD. It's Thursday around 11 a.m.

I'm going to visit my sister today. (!!!) (I tried this trip last year at the EXACT same time -- remember what happened?)

We're closing on my Mom's house tomorrow.

Anywho, this morning as I was standing in our garage, I opened Craig's car door -- as he's my ride to the airport, yo. (Hashtag MarriedResponsibilities)

This just magically flew in and landed smack-dab in the middle of where I'd step to get in the car.

[I am smiling ear to ear.]

A white feather?

In my garage?

(We don't keep white birds in our garage. And we live in a desert.)

A feather?

On the day that I'm flying to Missouri to see my sister?

A feather?

On the day before we are closing on her house (that we have sold TWICE before -- each time falling through before closing)?

A feather.

Oh, friends.

She is with me.

Oh, she is with me, she is with me, she is with me. [I just sang that in my mind as I typed that.]

(I smiling.)

A little over a year ago I was sitting in this same airport, also alone, also typing on my computer. I was typing this story; the story of how I found out that she died; the call. I was in the airport, alone, on my way to Springfield, Missouri to try to make sense of what just happened.

I was in a daze.

And, here I am a year and nearly 3 months later, same airport, again by myself, again typing on the same computer... but smiling.

Because even though she's not with me, oh man, she is with me.

She's happy that I'm going to see my sister.
She's ok with the sale of her home.

The feather... oh the feathers come just when I need them.

Even Craig kept saying, "That's crazy..." about the feather landing in the door jam thing. But it's not crazy, I mean it is, but it's not.

She's with me.

Love that Shirl.


**Feathers started to show up for me a bit after she died. I wrote about the first feathers here. They also showed up here. Feathers are part of my regular life. They're my thing with her.

The feather necklace C. got me. Wearing it right now as I'm typing.

--The Story of Loss. On Losing my Mom.
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  1. I am smiling for you!!!!!!!! What an experience to hold close!!! XOXO -Sal

  2. Oh how it makes me heart happy to read about moments like these...


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