Jimmy Fallon. Our Village. Sparklepaint.

I'm home. It was beyond nice to see my sister. More on that trip later.

1. Is it weird that I am so happy for Jimmy Fallon? I'm so happy that he and his wife added a second baby girl to their family. I love Jimmy Fallon. And I think Frannie (Frances) Fallon is a great name for a baby. As is Winnie Fallon. And my sister let me know that his dog is Gary Fallon.

What a great bunch of Fallons.

Photos by Jimmy Fallon.
2. Our Christmas Village is up. We add one piece a year and it just.makes.me.happy.

3. I love Christmas trees.

4. Tragedy struck our home yesterday.

Sparklepaint the elf fell off of the Christmas tree. Apparently Craig didn't secure her as well as necessary.

I wish you could have seen the girls.

They were AGHAST.

Lila was so concerned:

"Did she lose her magic?!"

"I thought you told us she could fly?!"

"Is she ok?"

Vivienne's eyes were bulging with concern and she couldn't even speak; she had her hand up to her mouth in shock.

We had to pick Sparklepaint up with kitchen tongs; lest she lose her magic when we touch her.

I had to tell them that she was just "testing them" and that she meant to fall.

Close call.

Sparklepaint took a bit of a nose dive from atop the Christmas Arbol and therefore face-planted into the ground.
I found this to be far more entertaining than I should have.



  1. Oh this made me laugh so hard! Poor Sparklepaint!

  2. I'm pretty impressed that Sparklepaint has her own blog label. Just sayin'... :)


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