Christmas Time in Mexico - when it's only about 80 degrees.

12/11/2014 10:55:00 PM
So the girls' Christmas program was yesterday. Amazing. So easy! They're both in the same "pre-school" part of the school; Vivi is in Kinder I and Lila is in Kinder III/Preprimaria/Kindergarten so the program started at the same time for both of them. Fantastic.

Vivi had to dress like a pastorsita (Mexican shepherd) and Lila had to wear a plaid skirt. Like Britney Spears.

This is Lila's gangsta-rap pose. She's all, "...laid back... with her mind on her elf and her elf on her shelf..."

Vivi really gets into this skirt whenever she wears it.

I asked Lila to pose... and... well... Oops, she did it again.

This child is beautiful. I'll say it. She's mine, so I can. I can't believe she was once my NEWBORN BABY. WHERE DID MY BABY GO?


This is the choke-your-sister-'cause-it's-Christmas pose! Ho, ho, ho!

And this one SHOULD have been our 2014 Christmas card picture.

Hands down.

Wish I hadn't chopped off part of the Pickle's head. But I think I still got the dramatic, "I'll-shoot-you-eyes" in focus, no?

Because, yes, I still take on-the-way-to-the-festival pictures.

Walking into her school.

Yes, that's the ocean in the background. (Hurricane Odile brought about unobstructed views of the ocean from everywhere. Who needs trees or greenery!?)

Lila waiting patiently for the program to start. I didn't find a red hat, so... she refused to wear the pink one I bought. (You can't win 'em all.)

She put the hat on for approximately 4 seconds and refused to let it cover her ears BECAUSE. (Because why? No idea.) But in her defense, it was at least 88 degrees in there.

There's Vivi, second from right. That's her boyfriend 4th from the left. She calls him her, "Handsome Prince."

(I'm not making that up.)


Vivienne, second from left. (bottom row)
Lila, second from right. (back row)

This is proof that Vivienne participated this year! Last year she just stood there, totem-pole style. This year, she swayed and did a few motions and my heart overflowed with pride.

Lila performed like the seasoned pro that she is.

And then Vivi was SHOCKED.

(She gets the "Most Expressive Child" award.)

My sweeties and I.

Each year the kids roll up their Christmas lists and send them to Santa via helium balloon. I'm against this whole thing. I mean, Santa lives at the North Pole, not in heaven. So a.) that's obviously a mistruth and b.) all of those balloons do fall at some point. And then an animal eats them? Or they just lay there forever? Santa litter? Not green, ya'll. Not eco-friendly. Merry Christmas, little hungry animal - I'm damaging the eco-system.

Vivi's down with it, though.

Away Vivi's balloon went.

Lila held on to her globo (balloon) until the last minute and then refused to roll up her list for Santa and send it away. She felt she could trust Sparklepaint the Elf with the handing-off-of-the-list-to-Santa rather than a balloon.

I couldn't argue with that.

Vivi was just so happy. I mean, LOOK at that smile.

Here she stands with her Cutie Daddy.

So it was lovely and sweet and the school and the teachers did such a nice job.

As we were leaving there was this.


Vivi asked if Nana made it.

Lila told her, "No. God did. But she probably told him to."

Little does Lila know that she comes from a long-line of demanding women. I'll learn her.

>>STAY TUNED FOR VIDEOS. I shall post on Friday 12/11.


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  1. so adorable! love the commentary as well.... :) also, i appreciated Lila's crossed legs, sitting like a total lady at her program. so cute. i miss them (and you)!
    Love, Miss


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