Birthday day! Birthday day!

12/22/2014 11:47:00 AM
Not us. But I liked it. Photocredit. The Dainty Squid.

Today is the birthday of my dear friend, Malissa.

I wish you all had a Malissa in your life. (Well, to me she's Miss. She'll always be Miss. I'm sorry Malissa.)

I met Miss at freshman orientation in college. We were in many of the same classes together because we shared a major. She'd remember details of this time better than I do, because that's who she is. She remembers stuff. The important stuff. And she remembers stuff well. Fast forward to today -- seventeen years later. She still remembers the details. She's amazing.

I have never, in my entire life, met a more adventurous person. Adventurous, as in travel, as in seeking new experiences, as in growing. Miss, this is one of the things I respect (and envy) about you most of all. You carefully weigh decisions, but then you make the decision and you go. You don't vacillate. You're open-minded but temper that with reason. You're the least judgmental person I know; always open to learning. You're also quick-witted and funny. A conversation with you is obviously enjoyable (duh) and you have an innate ability to bring people into the circle; to make some sort of inclusive dialogue wherin everyone just feels comfortable. Your life footprint is happy, kind and real.

You are one of the few who can go anywhere and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you'll be fine.

So all this to say, I love you.
I love that we can pick up where we left off with no explanations. Ever.
I know that you're in my heart and I'm in yours.

I'm so glad you were born. I'm so excited about your next adventure (and I can't wait to visit). AmASIAing.

Happy, happy birthday, dear friend.




  1. well, oh my goodness. seriously - the kindest, most perfect birthday gift to ever receive friends. your words. i always love reading them, of course, but it was SO SWEET of you to take the time to do this for me on this day. it means the WHOLE universe to me. :) well, our friendship does, not just the words you so carefully picked.

    you, friend? i WISH everyone had a Ky. but, let's be real: you're one in a million so only your people are lucky enough to have you. i'm SO grateful that you and I met. and that i sat diagonally from you when you got in trouble for passing notes in Public Speaking with Sue B-M. i knew we'd make it as friends, but i had no idea just how much we'd keep growing after you moved so darn far away.

    i CANNOT WAIT to see you "soon". my friend - i cannot wait to hug you and shed a few tears of laughter and joy and see those girls and that husband of yours and the new place you call home. i just won't feel settled in my heart until i can see your new place and just laugh and just be. it's easy with you!

    LOVE YOU (gosh - we're so wordy) - LOVE you. love YOU! xoxoxoxoxo Than you for the greatest gift, Miss

  2. OHMYGOSH! one last thing.... how super weird is it that I bought a B/W striped dress today and kept thinking that i would pair it perfectly with a pair of polka dot tights!! JUST like above. and you know you would be the one wearing all that color! PERFECT PICTURE! xo. Miss


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