That came out of nowhere: I HAVE WRITTEN 5,000 POSTS!

About an hour ago I wrote a little quip about my kiddos. (See below.)
After I was finished, I clicked publish and I started to write another post. (I write in 3's.)

As I was deciding on my topic, I decided to check just how many posts I've written to date.

Then I saw this:


I knew I was nearing 5,000 a while back... but look! I made it!

And then I got all sentimental.

5,000 posts ago I was sitting in my first home in Toledo, Ohio with my husband of about 3 years. We had an English bulldog (Nattie) who was the love our life. Since then, we've moved to a new country, sold our home, lost our dog (bless her heart) and welcomed another dog (Señorita Fergie Lupita). We've experienced the unexpected loss of Craig's Dad and the unbelievable joy of Lila's birth. We've gone through the first year of parenting, and made it. We understand teething and breastfeeding and now know how to take a car seat both in and out of a car in like 30 seconds. We had another baby. Adopted another dog. I lost my Mom. We went through a hurricane and we moved again.



I am humbled by this milestone and I am very, very grateful for this space where I can share who I am.

For a while there, I kept thinking - I need to sell ad space, I need to review more products... I need to do more to And each time an offer comes my way, it never feels right.

This is my space.
This is my heart.

This space is me. I need to protect it. It needs to continue to be mine.


When I first started writing this blog in May of 2006 I had no idea that I'd be writing my story to my own, "Two Pretzels."

Ah, it's funny how sometimes everything just falls into place...


Aside from my phenomenal cooking (see the post below), I hope this ends up being a gift my babies enjoy. I know that I've more than loved writing it.

Thank you to all of you, who have read it and supported me.

Here's to 5,000 more posts.


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  1. That's how I feel about my blog too. It's just for me and my kiddos and the few people who stop by to read it! Congrats on the 5,000. I need to see how many I've written?


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