Christmas shopping: Kids and gifts and siblings.

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So, we have these two kids. They're about a year and a half apart. And they're the same gender.

ONE kid likes princesses and crafts.

The other kid likes spiderman, cars and baby dolls.

At Christmas time, do you buy your close-in-age-kids (or nieces and nephews) the same gifts or do you try to buy them different gifts?

What happens if one kid wants the other kid's gift?

Tough luck?

Tell me.



  1. Definitely their own gifts. It's how I've done it for the last couple years. The funny thing is Henry LOVES barbies and playing with dolls and so I have bought him those items too! I throw in a couple trucks and he's happy. They usually end up sharing the toys anyway, but need their own gifts to open. That's my philosophy!

  2. Their own. I too have a "Fancy Nancy", lover of music, science kit wanting 5 yr old girl and a monsters, superhero, and snuggly animal loving 3 yr old yeah. Do they like the same things? Of course. But I love choosing individual things too. Keepin it simple this year. 4 each.


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