And, the first tooth has left the first child's mouth.

That's my Pickle with her baby teeth intact.

Guess what?

The Tooth Fairy visited our house this weekend.
It was her first time at our casa.
Vivi was terribly concerned about how the Tooth Fairy was going to get into our house since we don't have a chimney, but older and wiser Lila reminded her that she is a FAIRY and that she has WINGS therefore she doesn't require a chimney.

The day before the tooth fell out.

It happened Saturday morning.

The bottom left-side tooth, her central incisor for you tooth professionals out there, came out ever-so-gently while she was brushing her teeth. 

Craig was a second-hand witness to the whole thing. (He was in the hall when she was brushing her teeth in her bathroom.)

After days of just letting her tooth be... (I would have wiggled it out, but she is very, very clearly her Daddy's daughter... she waited... patiently...) it finally came out.

"Mommy, when will it fall out? How many days do you think?"

Apparently she was brushing her teeth and she didn't know the tooth fell out until she spit out the toothpaste… the tooth landed in the sink and she hurried up and grabbed it and screamed in DELIGHT, in answered prayer, "MY TOOTH FELL OUT! MY TOOTH FELL OUT!"

She came running out with it in her hand and was smiling GIGANTICALLY.

I was upstairs in bed and she BUSTED into our room and screamed, "MY TOOTH FELL OUT!"

Her smile. Oh man, she was so happy.


It seemed like yesterday that this child got her first tooth... changing her little baby smile.


She was on cloud nine


"I cannot wait to go to bed tonight."

"Where does the Tooth Fairy live?"

"What does she look like?"

"Did you ever see the Tooth Fairy when you were a kid?"

"Why can't I see her?"

Precious girl.

I told her that I didn't know what the Tooth Fairy looked like, you know - since I'd never seen her before. But I told her that I did know that if a child sees her, then the poor fairy loses her magic... 


So, we did what was necessary. We prepared the tooth for its night's rest. I had done some recon on facebook a couple of weeks ago - trying to get an idea what other Tooth Fairys do/give. Basically I took away that putting the actual tooth under the pillow is a nightmare to deal with in the dark and I also learned that I was cheap. (My child is not receiving more than $5 for their first tooth. As if.) 

I wanted to take some old and add some new to our family Tooth Fairy tradition.

As a kid, my Mom made me a tooth fairy pillow. It had my name on it. (NOTHING had "Kylee" on it -- this was a big deal.)

I'd slip the tooth into the teeny, tiny pocket on the pillow at night - and bam, I'd wake up with something in the pocket. Was it a quarter or a dollar? I have no idea. The Fairy's presence alone seemed to have been the gift.

So, obviously I had to make my sweet pickle a tooth fairy pillow, too.

Enter: ribbons, fabric, scissors, thread and a needle.

I don't sew. I don't own a sewing machine. I didn't take home ec. I can sew a button and that'

Still, when it's your kid and they need a tooth fairy pillow, you do what needs to be done.

So, enter my all-day-Saturday-project:

I'd been saving the quilted changing-pad covers from the girls changing table for just.the.right.project - now was the time.

I started cutting. Making a pillow can't be that hard, right?

I cut out about eight-inch squares. (As if I measured.)

I wanted to make this special, so I decided to use the buttons to make an "L" on the front of the pillow.

These buttons were given to me from my Mom a few years ago. She gave them to me in this jar and they made me so happy. Just touching something she touched...

My Mom is so cool.

So Lila chose her buttons - and we talked about Nana and it was nice because that woman is in every thought I have. Every day.

So I started "sewing".

I'm not going to lie - this took me all day. I didn't shower until 5.

In between playing with the girls, making lunch, and dealing with this one...'s a wonder I finished it.

It turned out quite cute, if I don't say so myself.

Un-even and slightly wonky?


Made with love for my baby girl?


Lila picked the fabrics, the buttons and the ribbon.

We hung it on the side of her bed in anticapation for the Tooth Fairy...

Lila slipped her tooth into the pocket on the back.


The tooth fairy downloaded this letterhead from pinterest and added a note...  (Link here.)

The Fairy also downloaded this certificate and taped it to Lila's door. (Link here)

And finally, we took a regular $2 bill (that we got from a friend whose Dad brought them down to us) and sprinkled glitter on it and then sprayed it with hair spray. (I did this to the tooth certificate above, too.)

Seriously - it gives the dollar bill a fantastic sheen and it holds the glitter! (I'm thinking about doing this to all my money.)

So that was that! The printables took like 30 minutes.

The pillow took all day. :)

Right before she went to bed I asked her, "So are you so excited? Are you going to try to stay up so that you can see her?"

She waited...

And then my sweet girl responded, "No, I prefer that I fall asleep so that she can keep her magic..."

I love her.



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  1. So many cute ideas here! Henry has lost 6 teeth and he's thrown them all away before we could do anything with them. You're inspiring me to do something when Keira's teeth fall out. I had a tooth pillow too!!!


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