Today's Vimrod. And more. So much more.

10/27/2014 10:44:00 AM
Two Pretzels Note: Nope. No one asked me to write this post. I genuinely like what you're about to read about. (ky)

When I first started writing Two Pretzels back in what, 2006? I would include Vimrod cartoons because I thought they were who-larious, right on, ironic, witty and well written. In fact years ago, I recall writing the creator, Ralph Lazar, telling him as much.

Well, Vimrods went on a hiatus and NOW THEY ARE BACK. Making me happy on the daily. (And of course I emailed them again. Ralph responded.)

Enjoy. Here's today's:


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BUT THERE's MORE. You must visit the Last Lemon website.

So, Vimrods are part of the Creative Studio of Lisa Swerling (great name) and Ralph Lazar (also a great name.) These people. They've got it. They get it.

They have manifestos, and other characters and so, so much. Some of my favorites:


And if you write them, tell 'em Kylee sent you. :) They respond.



  1. I absolutely LOVE Vimrod and was so happy when the daily cartoons starting appearing in my inbox again! :)

  2. You actually got me to sign up for these years ago!!



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