Happy day AFTER your birthday, Sal!

10/01/2014 09:19:00 AM

It's too bad that the day after your birthday gets the shaft, you know? I mean, everyone showers you with birthday greetings on your birthday... maybe sometimes it's nice to be acknowledged the day after your big day, right?

[hiding my eyes because of embarrassment; the same way I do when bad contestants are on singing shows on T.V.]

Sweet Sal,
Although I did tell you happy birthday yesterday, I didn't give you a proper Happy Birthday salute on the 'ole blog.

So, here I go.

There must be something amazing about the way you were raised because time and again Craig and I have said that we want our daughters to be like the D Family girls. You, sweet friend, are good people.

Sal, you're one of the sweetest people I we know. You radiate kindness and love and peacefulness. I want to hug you the minute I see you. You also remember all the details and are so easy to be family with because we can call, text or see you at any time and feel as if no time has passed. It's so funny how the people who are in our lives are here for a reason - and that's how I feel about you.

We have had such ridiculously good times with you and have felt so honored to be with you for the big moments, too. (Your wedding is among my favorites - we had so.much.fun.  You were stunning.)

I am so, so, so glad you were born. You honestly inspire me and because of you I know that one day I might be able to do a hand or head stand. I just keep trying...

Much love. I hope it was a happy, happy day!



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  1. Hand stands for everyone! Love this! Happy bday again SAL!


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