...and, we're home.

10/19/2014 09:48:00 PM
... we're here.

We're home.

We're back sitting in the home that we left a month ago. The difference is that this time, the lights are on, the air conditioning is on and our water is flowing.

We were beyond excited to get back to the land where our babies were born.
We called our time in Ohio our "evacuation vacation" and it was all the feelings: it was guilt and sadness and anxiety and love and kindness and family.

We ran into the open arms of Craig's parents and stayed with them. Our stuff strewn ALL over their house. (Well, truth be told, we didn't have that much stuff since we traveled to Ohio with the luggage of a family of four in a carry-on bag.) But we invaded their space and it was ...lovely. 

Fall in Ohio? Well, it's stunning. I had forgotten how much I missed seasons. (TONS of pictures to come... please, stay tuned.) Oh, those trees. Those leaves. The briskness. Our GOOD friends. Our sweet family. I love fall.


But, the entire time we were gone... we were ready to go home. We were ready to get back to our routines. Amigos, my babies have been out of school for a month. We haven't smooshed and loved on our dogs, Fergie and Millie, for a month. We haven't lived our regular routine for a month. I hadn't used my Sonicare toothbrush... for a month. (Oh, how I love that toothbrush. #firstworldproblems.)

So we're back.

And it feels good.

I have to admit though, I'm a little... nervous.

Life doesn't seem as consistent as what it was before. It's not what it was
There is still plywood covering windows; but there is GLASS in so many places that it wasn't.
The palm trees that were demolished by Odile are stretching toward the sun... ready to grow and look lovely.

Life is moving forward. But, let's be honest, it is different.

Restaurants are opening daily. Costco opens October 28th. (Woop, woop.) 

But life is also nerve-wracking right now. 

I work in real estate. (Marketing) My husband is a realtor.
We just had a hurricane. Go ahead and put those two together.


It may be a long season. 


But, it's a season we can weather. We're resting in the palm of His hand and I feel... oddly... secure. You've heard me say it before, but it bears repeating: All of this? It's pre-determined. And as a believer, I cannot help but THROW this mess, this anxiety and this fear into His hands and say, "It's yours. I'm standing by to do what you want me to do. Until then, I'm going to go ahead and press.on."


My sweet babies are SO happy to be home. About 20 times today one of my sweet girls said, "Mommy, look at Ferg/Millie -- isn't she SO cute? Isn't she a sweetie pie?"

They're also SO PUMPED about getting back to school tomorrow after a month off... 

My sweet Lila, well - she's ready to pick up where she left off.

Lila: "I need to return my library book to the school library tomorrow. I can't forget it."

I adore her. Responsibility. Never should you shirk it. Always.Follow.Through.

Her book was due the day after the hurricane hit us. A month ago.


And Vivi? Well, she's looking forward to seeing her boyfriend (yep), Nico. "He misses me. I know it."

Of course he does.

And me?

Well, I'm looking forward to moving.

"Moving?!", you say?


When Hurricane Odile hit us, we were in the process of moving. Boxes EVERYWHERE at the old house. (They're still here.) We had just painted the ENTIRE interior of the new house. Just cleaned it. Painted the outside. Carpentry was in process (kitchen), some light demo was done (living room) and we.were.ready.to.go.

Well, then the hurricane said, "Hola" and as Paula Abdul knows too well,we took two steps forward and then two steps back.

So now, we are ready to FINALLY move. So bear with me this week in terms of blogging. We plan on moving little things all week with the big moving day happening on Friday. YES!

I don't even CARE if the house isn't finished - WE NEED TO MOVE.

Before Odile, I had ideas that all curtains needed to be ironed, everything needed to be just.so... but now my mindset is, "MOVE. GO. NOW. WHO CARES."

So, that's where we are.

Slightly overwhelmed. 
But nonetheless, we.are.home. and we're getting back into our regular routine. 

Like reading books with "reading glasses."

And organizing...

Viva Los Cabos.


  1. Good luck with your move!! And I'm sure you're thrilled to be home.

  2. Welcome home B family... I love your perspective and let's be real, I cannot wait to see your posts about your new home!

  3. so glad you made it safely home! I can only imagine what an evacuation vacation feels like... best wishes with your move! sounds like you've got a great perspective on it all. :)


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