No words.

9/07/2014 08:10:00 PM

When Joan Rivers went into the hospital last week, it scared me. I know, I know, she's just a comedian; a celebrity, right?

Not hardly, she paved the way. She's the hardest working woman in Crazy-wood. She's 81, you guys.

But most importantly, she's a Mom.
And a grandma.

And the idea that her daughter, whom she was so intertwined, would potentially lose her Mom...

...well, it was too much.

Joan Rivers' passing saddens me so much. So, so, so much.

And even more so, I hate that her daughter is now part of this awful club. Not only has she lost her Dad, but now her Mom... the woman she talked to, I'm sure,

I totally get it. And I'm so, so, so sorry.

I'm going to miss that Joan.


1 comment:

  1. I had the exact same feelings.

    A pioneer she was. More important--A Mama.


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