Just a few family pictures...

While we were in our hometown of Toledo, Ohio this summer, we asked a friend to take a family portrait of Craig's side of the family. That's 10 adults and 9 children. My friend conquered our group, with all of its' varying dynamics and age differences, on a hot Sunday afternoon, in a location she wasn't familiar with, like the professional that she is.

Everyone in our family loved her...

Then when they saw the pictures, they were blown away. She somehow captured the personality of each and every kiddo.

Even mine.

And she left an impression, too.

When we were leaving the photoshoot, Lila told me, "I love her."

I asked, "Who?"

She said, "The lady who took our pictures. She was so nice to me..."

And there you have it.

That's how she does it; she makes each person feel important.

Nicely done, Summer. Very, very nicely done.

Our photographer: Summer K Photography.
Follow her on Facebook, too.
And her professional blog.
And her personal blog.

STUNNING photos.


So here are some pics of my little family, I'm withholding one or two for our Christmas card...


Ah, our sweet ladies... and so many feathers...

One my "signs" from my Mom is feathers.

While we were there... Vivienne and Lila began picking them up and blowing them... it was almost more than I could bear.

I don't remember which one, but one of the girls told Summer that "feathers remind us that Nana is with us."

I cried.




  1. Holy TOLEDO!!! Wonderful memories captured.

    1. RIGHT? I love, love, love the pictures of the girls. ;) HOPE YOU ARE LOVING YOUR NEW HOUSE!

  2. such beautiful photos, taken by such a talented woman and beautiful soul. memories to cherish. thanks for sharing so many great shots, friend!

  3. Oh your words. . . thank you, Kylee. Man, words just don't express how much I appreciate you.

    Love YOU!

  4. Aw!!! Absolutely gorgeous, Kylee! Love them ALL!!!

  5. i LOVE these photos. the people in them, the person who took them. i just adore them and I can only imagine the joy they've brought the entire family. so precious to capture time like this.
    love you, Miss

  6. Love these pictures!!! Gorgeous!!


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