Honestly, ENOUGH. On Hurricane Odile.

In the eight years we've lived here we've never once experienced a category 4 hurricane. I think the strongest we've ever felt was a 1 or a 2.

Cabo has never felt a category 4 hurricane.

Tropical storm Odile decided to become a full-fledged big-girl hurricane and is now racing toward the Baja peninsula at a rate of approximately 125-135 mph.


We've battened down our hatches. (Plywood is serving as window coverings, as are heavy rugs over sliding doors that are shielded by rain.)

Am I nervous? Absolutely.

This is not small.

So is Ferg. I wish I still had a baby carrier of some sort because she really wants to be with me. Closely. All of the time.

I'd just like to say, "Uncle".

This week has been insanity.  It's encompassed all of the following: sudden hearing loss, a robbery, the one-year-anniversary of my Mom's passing, my Dad's 67th birthday - for which he too, isn't on earth to celebrate, also the logistics of moving including re-doing a kitchen, buying faucets, phone issues and more. (Yay for living in a culture where I'm required to speak a language that is not my first.)

Currently, we are anticipating the riding out the storm in our somewhat-packed old house, while our cars are riding out the storm in the garage at our new house.




They tell us it's going to start getting bad this evening.

It's 4:19 p.m. and the rain has come... it's getting louder.

The view from inside our courtyard.


I hope that by some act of God our A/C doesn't go... I mean, life in a closed up house when you can't open the windows isn't fun. Especially when it's 80 degrees outside.

But alas, there's been a rumor that if/when the wind get to be "too much" they'll shut off electricity to prevent the blowing of transformers, etc.

How would you like that coming straight at you?

Your prayers are appreciated.

This is big.


Stay tuned to advisories here:


And also here.

And my favorite: http://www.eebmike.com



  1. I'll take blizzards over hurricanes any day! Praying for all of you! I'm sorry about all the other bad things that happened too this week. :-(

  2. Hoping you guys are ok down there...we've seen the destruction and it's just horrible.


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