Three year olds are liars.

8/20/2014 09:01:00 AM

Yesterday I asked Vivienne if a certain little boy was in her new class at her new school.

"Vivienne, do you have a 'Burt Reynolds*' in your class?" (*The kid's name is not Burt Reynolds - but it would be cool if it was.)

Her response, "Yes. I do. And he wasn't nice, Mama. He dropped something and then he hit me and then I picked it up and then he dropped it and then he hit me and then..."


First of all - Vivienne is one big little run-on sentence and secondly, I can guarantee that Burt Reynolds did not hit her.

None of that happened.


So I say to my little storyteller, "Vivienne, it's ok to pretend, but you need to tell people when you're pretending."

I totally know that she's going to go to school and tell her teacher that her Mom dropped something and then hit her and then dropped it again and then hit her again. I mean, if she'll say it about Burt Reynolds, I suspect she'll say it about me.

Never trust a three-year-old.



  1. Ok, first ALL these pictures look EXACTLY like you. Yes, even the sandwich one ;-) Seriously, you hear this all the time, but the older she gets the more and more like you she looks. The expressions and everything. LOVE IT!!!

    Ok, second....toddlers are liars. Laughed and nodded through the post!!

    Henry comes home with bumps and scrapes all the time. Because he is a klutz and thinks he can do things or move faster than he really can.

    So he came home with a big scrape and there wasn't an incident report so I asked him what happened.

    H: Colton pushed me.
    Me: He did? Did you tell the teacher?
    H: Yeah, he got a time out

    Sounded reasonable, though there would have been a report.

    Next day Terry asked what happened

    H: Logan kicked me and I fell on the cot
    T: Did the teacher see this?
    H: No. She wasn't there

    Hmmmmm, teachers are always there. New story. Sounding fishy....

    I asked again that night when I put a new bandaid on it.

    H: I fell outside on the structure (play equipment)

    Yeah, the last one sounds a little closer to the truth.

    Never trust a three year old is right!!

  2. Your twin is hilarious and I love these pictures!


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