Self preservation: managing expectations

8/29/2014 01:29:00 PM
As I get older I'm starting to appreciate the art of self-preservation.

I don't know how others do it, but I define this to be, "managing and planning proactively so as to avoid frustration or disappointment later."

Here's how this works in my life right now.

As you may or may not remember, I had posted this note in my office back in April:

The problem: People would come into my office, talk to me, use a pen, take said pen.

This left me: Frustrated and disillusioned with the people I work with. WHY DO THEY KEEP STEALING MY PENS?

Therefore I would be: Grumpy


So, I left for Ohio and prior to leaving, want to know what I did?

I grabbed every.single.pen. out of my pen holder (see below) and stuffed them into my work bag.

Guess who returned to work, happily replaced her pens into their pen home and went on her merry way?

Me! That's who.

Let's recap:

Problem: People might steal my pens while I was gone and not able to regularly guard/police my pens in their position within my office.

Solution: Release potential pen thieves of the temptation of thievery by proactively removing said pens so that the crime could not occur while I was gone.

Outcome: I am happy that my pens are there when I need them. I am happy that my pens are safe. And, I am not grumpy.

That, my friends, is self-preservation.

Good day.


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  1. I think this is genius. I applause your proactive self preservation and protection of your pens. Because pens are extraordinarily important. And you know I mean this with all sincerity. Xoxo


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