My family. Bad Taste. Shoes. Wine.

8/09/2014 07:53:00 AM
My family has questionable taste.

Or, maybe it's me? (I doubt it.)

I saw these shoes a couple of weeks ago and I liked them. I took a pic. Texted it to the husband. He was like, "Eh. We live in Cabo. Eh."

I saw them again yesterday and bought them with Lila, Vivienne and the husband in tow.

At the store, I asked my sweet Lila if she liked them. She replied with, "Um, I don't care for them..."

So polite.

Vivienne, eh not so much: "I do not like those shoes."

After we got home, Craig said to me, "They're ugly."


I like them.

And when you fold down the sides they're EVEN CUTER.

And yes, I DO wear them with shorts.

They're lucky I didn't buy these shirts...

Sigh. 'Merica.

Conversely, this made me smile at Kroger.

That's all for now.


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