I'm still here.

8/05/2014 08:25:00 PM
So, as it were, I've taken a little hiatus from blogging.

I've felt unencumbered like a cucumber. (That doesn't make sense but after I typed "unencumbered" I immediately thought of "cucumber" then I thought of "hummus" and how I'd like to have some hummus and then I thought of how I've got to stop eating so much because that's ALL I DO when I'm in the States...)

And then ----> BAM! I'm back after a short digression. (Story of my life.)

So each summer I look forward to when I consciously uncouple with my iPad/Computer/Phone and live my life so that I can write about it later.

I **love** archiving my life on this blog, but it's always good (for everyone) to take a step back and just... be.

So we've been being.

We've laughed. 
We've spent time with friends. Never enough time. Never all the friends.
We've tried to be as "unscheduled" as possible, but we still have things we've HAD to do.
We've had an INCREDIBLE time at the lake.
We've laughed some more.
We've smelled rain. Rain on asphalt. (my favorite)
We've still got a list of "To Do's" and "To See's" and "To Buy's" - but we've got a few days left and it's ok if I don't get it all done. I'm only human. And you don't plan your vacations to the minute either, right?

It's been nice. It really has.
And I love my little family of four more than I could EVER express.

Man. I love them.

Moving on...

While we've been here Vivienne has started talking to us as a representative of her baby doll, "Baby Shirley."


We're in Target, walking through the toy aisle.

Vivienne: "My Baby really wants that [oversized and ridiculous] bike [for dolls]."

Me: Really? That's what your "baby" wants?"

Vivienne: "Yes. That's what she wants."

Me: "Well, maybe she'll need to wait until her birthday. When is her birthday?"

Vivienne: [...doesn't even hesitate] "Today. Her birthday is today."


(No. She didn't get the bike. Baby Shirley was mad.)

And then in Kroger, the grocery store, it's Lila and Vivi and I today.

She does it again.

Vivienne: "My baby is going to be SO frust-er-rated if she doesn't get a toy."

Me: "I'm sorry to hear that. No toy."

Vivienne: "No, but she's going to be SO, SO frust-er-rated. Like willy mad."

Me: [ignoring her]

Lila: [can't take it anymore] "Vivi, we KNOW that it's YOU who wants a toy. It's not your baby. It's you. YOU WANT THE TOY. Stop saying it's your baby! YOU ALWAYS SAY YOUR BABY WANTS STUFF, but it's YOU. Stop it."

Me: [laughing... Lila just said what we've all bee thinking]

Vivienne: "NO, Lila. You are wrong. MY BABY CAN TALK... and she wants a toy."

...and scene.

And the last one happened tonight. 

I was driving home from Findlay. We had just visited with a handful of my college girlfriends and their families, and the girls were watching DVDs in the backseat as I drove. The movie ended before we got home, like 12 minutes into the trip and this is what I hear from the backseat:

Vivienne: "Mommy, the movie is done. Can you please start it over?"

Me: "No, I'm driving. And I have no idea how to start it over." [The absolute truth.]

Vivienne: "My baby just said that if you don't start the movie over again she will throw up."


What? Lila and I started rolling. 

That kid.

And that baby is so passive aggressive.


So as you may or may not know, I'm "vacationing" in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio -- home to algae-overgrowth in our water supply. We woke up Saturday morning to a news bulletin indicating that we shouldn't even TOUCH the water. TOUCH IT you guys. It was national news. (Yay, Toledo.)

I nearly got on a plane back to Mexico at that moment. YOU CANNOT EVEN TOUCH THE WATER? Stop it.

And don't think for a moment that the irony was lost on me.

I live in Mexico. "Don't drink the water in Mexico, heh-heh..." 

I'm beginning to think that I may be an ex-pat forever...


That's all for now. I'm going to read a bit before hitting the hay. (I'm reading the "Call the Midwives" books. I'm on Book 3 - love this series. Have you heard of it.) Ah, vacation = reading.

Thanks for hanging on with me.


  1. Were you able to temper babie's requests with a Frosty? :) ~Anna DS

  2. I'm DYING LAUGHING about the baby throwing up. Dying.


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