...and school has sprung. Or begun. Or whatever.

8/18/2014 08:06:00 PM
Lila looks 15. Vivienne was pumped to wear an orange shirt.

So we got back from Ohio on Saturday, unpacked on Sunday, and the ladies started at a new school today.

Prior to the big day, Lila was pumped. She was ready. "I am so excited, Mama!"

Prior to the big day, Vivienne let us know that, "My baby is a little nervous about going to a new school." (Remember, she talks to us through her baby. See here.)

So this morning I woke 'em up my slightly groggy slightly jetlagged ladies for their first day at a new school; that they had never seen before. (Probably a parenting oops?)

Breakfast was eaten. (Not even a full piece of toast from Lila; nerves.)

Cute uniforms were put on.

New pack-packs (backpacks) with lunch bags were handed out.

Obligatory, first-day, front-of-the-door photos were taken...

My sweet girl.

Kindly note the shoelaces. These are her first big girl shoes. (Size 11)

My cute husband and his ladies.

Ignore my hair.

And then the 3-minute drive to the school (across a highway and down a dirt road; that's why we don't walk.)

And then, we arrived. The ladies held our hands and walked up to their new school bravely.

...and Lila looked at me and smiled the sweetest smile... and then she walked into the schoolyard... and lost it.

Tears. The loud cry. Not good. I tried to walk away. Craig handled it.

Thankfully, a favorite teacher from her old school is her teacher this year (!!!) and she hugged her and made it all ok.

Next was Vivienne, not crying just very serious and holding my hand very tightly and telling me to, "Just stay with me, ok?"

I had to leave eventually, though.

She cried, called out for me, did the whole extending-her-arm-to-me-"why-are-you-leaving-me-here thing!?"

Craig and I left like so many parents before us.
I told him I felt like I was going to barf.
We went home and then returned at 9:30 a.m. for a new parent meeting.
As we walked in, I was told that Vivienne cried for all of 2 minutes.
And we saw the parents of Vivi's favorite friend from her previous school at the new parent meeting. They said that as soon as Vivi saw their son they played together and all was right with the world.


So, we waited all day to pick them up. I couldn't WAIT to hear how the day went!


You guys, like, BIG smiles.

Vivi got in the car with the happiest grin and said, quite simply, "I liked it."

Lila concurred. She thinks it's awesome.

And... they can't wait to go back tomorrow.


Maybe we made the right decision.


P.S. Lila wore Baby Rose, the monkey my Mom bought her the summer of 2013, to Office Max today.

It pleased me.


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  1. Seriously, is Lila starting middle school?!?! that pose! ;-)

    I am SO glad they ended up liking school. That would make for a loooooong year if they didn't.

    I can't believe school is already starting, seems like it just ended.

    They are adorable!


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