They weren't lying. Your cousins really ARE your first best friends.

7/21/2014 01:13:00 PM
I have the best cousins. No, really. I do.

Today is my cousin L's birthday.

I can't begin to tell you how much you mean to me. I can always, always always count on you.
You're an email, a text, a phone call away.
You really have been there through it all.
I had a baby, I looked to you - what baby stuff do I buy? How do I have a baby in MEXICO? I remember you saying, "Look Kylee, people have been having babies in Mexico for years. You'll be fine."

You're the voice of reason that I can always relate to.

When Shirl died, your support - even though you were ready to have a baby at any day, was immeasurably helpful.

I just love you, cousin. I hope today has been great.
I'm so glad you were born.
Happy Birthday.



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