Heart = full.

7/21/2014 06:34:00 PM
I am so happy.

I am so happy. It feels good.

A little change of scenery is sometimes all that you need.


The husband, ladies and I loaded into the car on Saturday - forgetting so many things that we needed - but with a trunk full of food and stuff - and headed up to a house we rented about 30 minutes from Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Ann Arbor happens to be beautiful. Oh, the trees.) It's about an hour and a half from where we grew up in Northwest Ohio.

We're happily nestled on a lake.
It's been just the four of us since Sunday and I have zero complaints because my whole being feels... good.

The dusk summer breeze that reminds me that I'm a midwesterner at heart.
The repetitious lapping of the lake.
The subtle clanking of the pontoon boats against the docks.
The trees. They're so GREEN.
The days are filled with no schedule.
Nap here.
Read there.
Eat more.
Another nap.
More reading.
The hydrangea, the daisies, the lavender.
My girls are experiencing so many firsts: swimming in a lake, corn hole, smores,

On the first day we were here we saw a Mama deer and her babies, chipmunks, a dragon fly, a crane, fish kissing the girls feet, swans, a squirrel (Oh, how I've missed squirrels)... and a swimming muskrat they named, "Buckley."

I'll never be one with nature.
But I'm one with calm... and tranquility... and I know where I belong.

I adore the beaches of Cabo, the palm trees, the eternal sunshine...

But take me ANY day to the lakes of Michigan. The lightening bugs of Ohio. The soft grass. The cool nights.  The cool mornings. The sun-filled days.

Oh man, I'm home.
And it feels good.


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  1. i'm so happy that you're so happy. drink it all in my friend... that's what vacations are for. xo

  2. Every word of this post makes my heart happy for you!! I am SO glad to hear you are having a great VACATION and you are happy and feel at home. You deserve this time with your family and to just relax and enjoy these moments. YAY!!!

    Also, that house is freak'n GORGEOUS!!! I mean come on. WOW.


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