Hair dryer review: It blew me away*

7/17/2014 08:18:00 PM
* Pun intended.

So I bought the Super Solano hair dryer after some encouragement from a couple of friends.

YOU GUYS. This blow dryer in incredible.

Before this one I was using a nice enough professional model - but it took something like 20 minutes to dry my mop. It was ridiculous. This one? It dries SO QUICKLY that I can't handle it. I'm slightly uncoordinated with my big round brush and then add this super-fast hair dyer and I'm a wreck.

The pros far outweigh the cons at this point:

  • Incredible strength
  • Two attachments to aim the dryer at your hair
  • Cool shot button
  • Easy maneuverability between hot/cold buttons
  • Long cord
  • Hair feels nice and silky, not super dry
  • I figure this dryer is going to last me until Lila is 25 since I dry my hair no more than once a week.
The only cons:
  • It's definitely not as light as a feather. If you travel a lot, this may not be the dryer for you.
Love it.


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