UNinspired. And, Craig, The Lionel & Ferg.

6/24/2014 01:01:00 PM
Ya'll, I'm tired.

I know, so are you.

I'm tired of the routine. The daily grind, yo.

I know, I know.

In my career, we go and go and go all "season" long, then in the summer... we chill out. We haven't chilled out yet. WHERE'S THE FINISH LINE?

I'm tired of the kids STILL BEING IN SCHOOL, too. Apparently Mexico is adopting the European model of education and giving their children just about 5 weeks of summer vacation. (They have longer breaks throughout the year.) I don't love it.


Routine for the past ALMOST year, more or less:

School for them / work for me everyday and then...

Monday: gymnastics/ballet - 2 hours total
Tuesday: swim class - 2 hours total
Wednesday: repeat Monday
Thursday: repeat Tuesday
Friday: Collapse into a glass of wine.

I finally had to pull the Pickle and WeeVee out of gymnastics and ballet for the summer because I couldn't bear to sit in the sweat lodge and wait for their classes to be over with. The ballet room was air conditioned, the parents-waiting-area was not.

Throw in birthdays, father's day school presentations, meetings, deadlines, party planning, guests, travel planning, new-school-picking, paperwork, passport drama, parent/teacher conferences and making dinner* and life... and... I'm done.

Put a fork in me.

*I don't make dinner.


That said, bear with me. It's hot. I'm tired of paradise. And I have so much I want to write about, but I'm... uninspired and I'd rather just sit and read whenever I have a minute.

I find that when I'm uninspired I just need to find a little inspiration, then I'll get back in the saddle.

Bear with me. :)

Until then, I'd like to give belated shout-outs to the following important peeps in my life:

June 20th  - Craig.

2003 Honeymoon selfie done the old-fashioned way: hoping the camera doesn't fall on your faces.

Um, I'm sorry, husband. Please accept my public apology. I don't know how we missed this. It appears that on Friday, June 20th it was our "dating" anniversary. As of this June, we have been together since 1997. That's 17 years. Without ONE breakup. Sweet man, I adore you.

June 20th - The Lionel.

Wish this shirt was still available. Man. See here.
I am so sorry I forgot your birthday, Lionel. I shall dance on the ceilin' for you at a later date. You're still my #2.

June 22nd - Ferg.

You're my dog. No, literally, you are my dog. And I love you. I cannot BELIEVE that you are 7/49-years-young. It seems like just yesterday that I welcomed you into my heart and dressed you in small clothes because I wanted a baby and you sufficed. Feliz cumple, Señorita Fergie Lupita.

Puppy Fergie. 2007.


I'm messing it up left.and.right.


To the future! To inspiration! To remembering things!




    I'm sick of preparing lunches. I'm tired of the routine... the piano lessons, the swimming training, the english/art clases, the robotics classes, THE NEVER-ENDING homework and exams. The deadlines, the meetings, the real problems, the problems I invent, dinner I don't make... whoa... straight tired.

    I don't see the low season ANYWHERE, but alas, I'm leaving WHATSOEVER.

    Wishing you can get out of the routine soon, amiga. You deserve it. I deserve it. We all deserve it.

    Cheers to a great summer (imagine a pint of beer).

    Love you.

  2. I totally hear you on that daily grind thing.....A break is so welcomed!!!! Hope your kiddos are out of school soon. They've got to be checking out by now, also!!
    Your Friday nights sound wonderful....You should repeat that every night of the week:)


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