Lila's 5th Birthday: Party ReCap

6/29/2014 09:24:00 PM
So last week we celebrated Princess Elsa's 5th birthday party.

Obviously, the theme was Frozen.

She was so excited.

Oh man. Look at that face.

The party was at my sister's house. It was everything my Pickle wanted.

I mean...

I mean, come on.

Obligatory family birthday shot with 3 out of 4 family members looking.

These ones make me smile.

(Please keep in mind it was at least 100 degrees and it was so humid. We're all hot.

Lila and her Mimi.

I feel like she favors her Mimi, Craig's side of the family...

Our party favors... Olaf books, all around. :)

So, my sister, who is probably related in some way to Tinkerbell, in her living room for Lila's birthday.

I mean, come on.

This is a show of beyond joy for my introvert.

She loved it.

Lila and her cousin, Bella.

Ok, so maybe Lila favors my side, too. :)

Clo and Vivienne.

Lila's youngest cousin... :)

Cuteness. There was swimming and good food and I didn't take a ton of pictures, in fact, some of these I didn't even take.

I enjoyed the day.

(Thank you, sister.)

Lookin' all manly with this Princess Elsa plate.

Cousin Brody.

Balancing WeeVee.

The birthday girl... with slightly blue teeth from her ring pop.

Lila and Sarita.

Sisters. ;)

So then it was ice cream cake time -- all done by my sister, Clo and company.

It's pretty tough to keep ice cream cakes from melting from freezer to table when you live in Cabo.

Lila was pleased. :)

It really was such a nice day.

We went home and opened gifts and all was right with the little lady's world.


Five. Whole. Years.

You guys. She's five.



  1. So very cute!! I love that she made it snow. Amazing!

  2. Snow in the living room? What a gift for the girls.

    Seriously, I can never show my kids these pictures because they will realize how slighted they are. These are beautiful. Happy Birthday to Lila--how is it possible she is 5??!!

    Time. . . it just keeps moving.

    Sigh. . .


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