Happy Father's Day

6/15/2014 10:31:00 AM

Because there are Dads who know what time ballet, gymnastics and swim class start and how to dress each child appropriately.
Because there are Dads who know which one will eat tomatoes and which one will not.
Because there are Dads who know every word to the Frozen soundtrack.
Because there are Dads who watch football with their girls.
Because there are Dads who keep the bar set high so that their daughters strive to reach it.
Because there are Dads who wipe noses and faces... and other things.
Because there are Dads who are in it.

This Dad is in it.

He's the opposite of hands-off. He loves them, teaches them, respects them, corrects them and hugs them. He plays tea party and blocks. He fixes boo-boo's and broken toys. He brushes teeth and tucks them in.

Craig - you're so good at this.
I love you mucho.
Nicely done, good lookin'.

All of this -- all that you're doing -- is building a foundation so that they find someone like you. Because of what they see from you, I don't believe they'll ever settle. Keep on doing what you're doing. Because of you, they'll be better people.

I love you.
Happy Daddy's Day.



  1. Perfect post.

    Great father!

    (Because there are Dads who know every word to the Frozen soundtrack. Fo sho!!)


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