And... my baby is FIVE.

6/21/2014 01:19:00 PM

I waited for Lila.

I knew I loved her long before I met her.

When I met her, I had no idea what I was getting into.

I had no idea that her giggle would be the greatest sound in the world.
That I'd be excited to wake up and see her every morning.
That her hand in my hand would make all things right with the world.

I can't get over the changes in Lila this past year...


It seems that the transition from four to five has been extreme. A year ago, she was a toddler. Today, she's a girl.

This child is so sweet. So kind. So helpful.

She's happiest when she's creating. When she's cooking...

 And organizing! (Yes.)

And "baking"

And painting. Oh, Lila. She'd paint for days.

And craft, too.



She seems to find beauty... everywhere.

If there is a sparkle somewhere, she finds it and she remarks, "Isn't that beautiful?"

This year it seems that our little introvert bloomed. The silence and reservedness was replaced with a talkative little lady who in the airport recently struck up a conversation with a woman standing next to us, "I just love your purse!," Lila said.

Who is this child?


She is mine.

And she is quirky and reserved and funny and creative and downright enjoyable to be around.

This past year I learned how quickly life starts and ends and it's caused me to love my babies harder. With even more of a ferocity than before.

It's easy to love this one.

It's truly my pleasure to be her Mommy. It makes me proud.

That laugh.

That determination.

 My baby is growing up.

And then there's that sister relationship.

This past year, Lila and Vivienne have become closer than ever. They are always together.


They argue.
They tattle.

But they hug.
And they sing.
And they love.

Right now they like to act out Frozen. Lila is Elsa. Vivienne is Anna.


Lila has even more so become Vivienne's protector. Nineteen months are just enough to make you older and wiser, you know.

It's my prayer and my hope that they will always want the best for one another.
That they will always support one another.
That they will always cry when the other cries.
That they will be so close that nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate their hearts.

They're the coolest people I know.

The goofiest, too.

But it's true, no one really gets you like your sister...

So I will continue to do what I do, wondering if I'm making the right decisions, but doing the best I can.

I'll keep on loving her and cheering for her.

And I'll continue to look through the glass door at ballet with tears in my eyes because it seems like she was a baby yesterday.

So sweet, Lila... I guess you can keep growing...

I don't love the idea, but it's ok.

Sweet girl, you adore your Daddy. You think he is funny and smart and you think that he can fix anything.

Exactly what you should think.

This year you rocked your elocution exercise... in Spanish.

And you're learning to read in Spanish and English.

It's hard work, but you're trying.

You were a flower in your Mother's Day presentation at school and you sang a song from The Sound of Music.

You were outstanding.

You don't nap anymore, instead you have quiet time and love to read your tag books.

(This was before your room back "The Sister Room".)

When you go to birthday parties you never hit the piñata. (Atta girl.) Instead, when the candy falls down you pick up what you can and share it with the littles who don't get any.

The last time you did this my heart actually burst.

You went to Disneyland for the first time this year and it.was.incredible.

It exhausted you.

If asked, you would confirm at any moment that you are indeed a ballerina.

It's true. You are.

You're also precious and sweet.

And still my baby.

I smother you with hugs and kisses and you still let me.

Thank goodness.

You've gotten so much taller -- you're now 38 lbs and are 3' 8" tall.

 You're smart. And witty. And funny.

You still take my heart with you to school whenever you need some extra love and support.

Here you are sitting in the exact same place as the photo you're holding.



So we woke up on Friday and off we went to Lila's school to celebrate her 5th birthday with her class.

Here's the birthday girl.

Her love for Frozen is strong.

You told your class about your photo board. You were so proud. And your Mimi was there to celebrate with you. :)

Each of your classmates gave you a hug and told you Happy Birthday. :) Very sweet.

Lila and Mimi.

Us with our Pickle.

The party at school.

Lila surrounded by boys. :)

Our birthday girl.

LOOK at the difference a year makes.

This is the birthday girl on her 4th birthday (left), here she is on the day before her 5th (right).

So before bed on June 20th, these are the last photos I took of my four-year-old cupcake.

Sweet Lila Ross, I love you and adore you more than you will ever know.

I'm so proud to be your Mommy.

And there are no truer words than these:

I am so happy that you were born.

Love you to the moon and back a bazillion times,


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  1. What a darling girl you have!! Lila is so pretty. She is the perfect combination of you and Craig. I can't believe she is 5!

    Keira isn't reading at ALL yet and she is turning 5 July 2nd. I don't think she recognizes any words. And she doesn't have the bi-lingual thing to hold her back. Her teacher told me that some kids just learn to read younger than others and you can't push it. I was reading so young (as is Henry) but that doesn't mean anything! We read to her every night, and they say that helps...

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I wish we could have a cocktail too. If you're every in Chicago...Or if I ever go to Cabo which is on my bucket list. :-)

    1. Thank you, Heather!

      And don't worry about the reading thing yet - I really think it just clicks. Absolutely. And reading to her every night is HUGE, or so I just read.

      Cocktail = yes. :)

  2. Oh Kylee.

    I just read this (beautifully written) post and can't believe she is FIVE. Where has the time gone. You are right, from 4 to 5 she really grew up and is this young girl. Wow.

    What I CAN believe is what an amazing little girl you have there! So sweet and so kind. Love that! I feel this has always been Lila. I mean, I think whenever anyone comments about a picture of her the words "sweet Lila" are in there some where!! LOVE that! And it is crazy and awesome how much she has grown, not just physically but in what she is doing. Uh, swimming?!?! I mean, come on.

    I seriously love everything about this post, well except perhaps the realization that time seems to move faster when you have a child! But truly, this post is beautiful. Lila is beautiful....inside and out. I can't wait to continue seeing the young lady she is growing in to.

    Happy Birthday, Lila and happy five years of being a mommy to you Ky!!!

    (Looking at those girls, it is a title that suits you VERY well! )

    1. Man, I hope that one day she doesn't rebel against the title "Sweet Lila" and get it tattoo'd somewhere inappropriate. Lol. :)

      Seriously though, thank you for the kind words. I really love her. And she really IS sweet. She screeches a lot too, though. I mean, she is loud. :)


  3. This is the best post ever for Lila Pickle!!!! Seriously didn't want it to end.. I loved reading every single word and seeing every single picture.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little lady!!!! Love you guys :)



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