What they Say. Volume II.

5/15/2014 05:08:00 AM
Easer morning. The one on the right had a mouth full of skittles.

1. When it's time to go swimming, Vivi rushes to put on her, "swimsoup."

2. The other morning Vivienne was singing a song about a butterfly at breakfast and when she was through, Lila told her very matter-of-factly that, "it sounds like you have snot in your voice."

Vivi furrowed her brow, was appalled and offended and said, "Um... NO."


It appears that Lila needs to learn how to tell her sister that she should clear her throat. Perhaps, "snot in your voice" isn't the way to go.

3. Vivi calls syrup ketchup.

"I'm going to please need some of that ketchup on my panpakes*"

*another fun word.

4. I was lying in bed with Lila looking at the stars that her pillow pet shined on the ceiling.

Her: I'd like a real star. From the sky.

Me: Yeah. That'd be great.

Her: We could just fish for one. And put it in a jar. The highest star in the sky.

Me: That would be cool.

Her: Yeah, it would be beautiful. It would be amazin', Mommy.



5. Whenever I wink at Vivi, in return she blinks twice. Sometimes 3 or 4 times depending on her enthusiasm. She crinkles her entire face, too.

6. The girls were sitting at the counter in the kitchen on bar stools while they were eating their dinner. I asked Lila to put her legs down and she said, "Yes, your highness."

Later when I asked Vivi to bring me her plate she of course responded with, "Yes, your high-nesty."

Pete and Re-Pete over here.

7. Unnecessary words make me smile. Right now, Vivi keeps adding "so" to everything she says.

Me: Vivi, do you know where your other new shoe is?

Her: I think so that Millie ate it.

Me: Vivi, would you like yogurt or honey bunches of oats?

Her: I think so that I want honey bunches in my yogurt.

I think so that I love her.

8. I was washing Lila's hair and there were more than a few tangles in it.

Me: Lila, so many tangles! Oh man.

Her: You know why there are tangles, right?

Me:  Tell me.

Her: Because the hairs are huggin' and kissin' and they can't let go of each other.


Always the sunny side. Tangled hair? It's because your hair is huggin'."

I mean come on.

9. Vivi currently thinks she's spiderman. And she says her underpants are too tight, so she's been trying to sneak wearing Lila's. Yesterday, Lila pointed at her sternly and said, "VIVI, NO MORE!"

It was fantastic.

She dropped the hammer.

10. My niece Chloe babysat for the girls and they were so ridiculously excited for her to arrive.

Lila: I think Chloe's here! The dogs are barfin'.

Ah yes, our dogs barf when Chloe arrives.

Barf = Bark, but I'm not going to tell her.

Over and out.


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  1. These are all too cute. You are so smart to write them down!! I love the sneakers with princess/minnie dresses.

  2. Ahhhh! Love them all! (Em used to call bathing suits "baby soups.")


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