Whaaaat? Oh Kimye.

5/12/2014 08:36:00 AM
Did you all see what Kanye got Kim for her first Mother's Day?

I was assuming it would be a bengal tiger with Kanye's face tattooed on the side of it, but alas I was wrong.

It was a wall of flowers.

Because, what?

I mean, because, why?

See Kim give her 15-second instagram tour of it here.

(It's as riveting as it sounds.)



  1. seems like a huge waste of money to me. (not such things matter to kimye...) you know those flowers were toast by nightfall after being in the hot CA sun all day. or did the installation get moved inside by a brigade of singing dwarfs? :)

  2. Ugh thank god someone else found this weird. I thought I was missing something. A bajillion flowers, fine. But why a wall?? It's so random and unappealing.

  3. i STILL don't get it (i've been wracking my brain for a day). no utilitarian value, obviously. but what's even special or lovely or even aesthetically pleasing? i DO NOT GET IT. weird.

  4. This is stupid. THEY ARE STUPID.

    Besides the fact that it is UGLY and the stupidest gift, what a HUGE waste of money. They don't deserve any of it. Hey, why don't you HELP PEOPLE who need it, instead of buying a wall of roses that you will just throw away.


  5. Oh look Kylee, she used her flower wall for something...


    Blech!! ;-)


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