This is the way my brain works.

5/19/2014 09:42:00 AM

I'm sitting at my computer and I get a work email from a man who's first name is Don and last name starts with a "K".

I immediately read his name as, "Don Knotts."

Oh man, I loved Mr. Furley.

He cracked me up. Those suits.

Mr. Furley was a far superior landlord than the Ropers.

But Mrs. Roper wore beautiful caftans.

I like caftans.

And Three's Company was a good show.

T.V. just isn't like that anymore.

And scene.


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  1. I recently happened upon an old rerun of Three's Company (which I also watched religiously as a child). They just don't make this type of show anymore do they?! Mr and Mrs Roper were the landlords for this particular episode and, like you, I strongly prefer Mr. Furley. He was the softer, kinder landlord (he cried a lot, no) and with Roper, they had to put on that whole Jack-is-gay front - which was WAY progressive at the time (I thought it was Ellen and Will and Grace who pushed the agenda, but NO was Jack/Chrissy/Janet). Anyway, I'll end on this note (this is how MY brain works), I've searched for YEARS for that butterfly/LIFE picture on their wall and cannot find it anywhere. If I ever find it, I'll pay top dollar for it, mark my words. :)


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