Pretzel Bites: A quick look at my (current) favorite things.

5/13/2014 08:20:00 AM
Oh man, these shoes.

They're Natives and they're a fantastic alternative to crocs for the littles. Lila has pink, Vivi has purple. Too cute. A couple of different styles. Waterproof and easy to pull on. Love. See more here.


Where has eyeshadow primer been my whole life? I seriously thought this was an unnecessary product, but alas, I got a sample of Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer potion and I am in LOVE. I bought the anti-aging version (of course I did) and it's fantastic.

YOU GUYS - eyeshadow now stays put on my face (Even in the crazy heat.)


$24 at sephora.


I'm a ridiculously big fan of basmati rice right now.

I know, I know -- but it's good and it smells like popcorn when you make it. (It's crazy.)

Throw in some black beans and cilantro and you're on your way to a homemade Chipotle burrito. YUM!

Give it a whirl.


That's it for now.

Disclaimer: Nope, not compensated for any of these things product reviews.



  1. Those shoes are SO cute! Henry is so hard on his shoes, those would be great.

    I love that rice. YUM. I added homemade burrito bowls to our monthly menu earlier this month!

    (love the title...Pretzel Bites!)

  2. Um, I am SO buying those shoes in purple for Stella. Thanks for the rec!


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