My office window.

5/07/2014 11:25:00 AM
Disclaimer: I'm writing this post not about my job, about what I do, about ANY details of my professional responsibilities. Instead, I'm merely sharing it so that you can understand some proximity issues that happen with my office location.

This is my office.

It's slightly disheveled (so am I) and it has a great window out to the world. Granted, the window doesn't open, but I watch people all day long and there's a fountain to my right. That's nice, no?

So that window has a slight tint/film on it that serves two purposes: 1.) It helps cut down on the heat from the blazing sun and 2.) it provides passerbyers a mirror-like area wherein they can look at themselves.

[insert chuckle]

We all look at ourselves in reflections, I understand this. Let's all just be aware that we're looking at ourselves in real mirrors and not windows.

Keep in mind that when you're walking outside of my office and you see your reflection in my window, you can still see my computer and ME if you are within 4 ft of the window. My friends and co-workers see me working and wave all the time.

The glass is not opaque.

I've seen it ALL out of this window on Cabo.

My favorite moments are those awkward ones when someone is fixing their hair or picking their teeth and then realize I'm literally one single-pane of glass away from them.

In that vein, today this happened:


This man leaned up against my window and talked on his phone LOUDLY for at least 5 minutes.

He turned around, looked at his reflection and never, not once, looked down to see me taking his picture on the other side of the glass.


May this be your reminder today to not lean up against someone's window lest your photo be taken and you end up on their blog.

[shakes head and laughs]



  1. Your view!! OMG it's so different than mine. We are literally worlds away. My view is skyscrapers, the top of the Chicago Board of Trade building. I like yours better!

    1. I'd like to see a skyscraper every now and then. :) The grass is always greener, isn't it?

  2. First--I covet your all in one desk scanner thingy...I've been begging for one. Second--the dress picture, is there a story or did it come with the view?

    1. I **LOVE** my scanner. It's fantastic.

      The painting, it's from a Gallery that's in the same complex as us. I've loved it since I've moved down here so the gallery owner lets me keep it in my office. It's quite special, no? I love it.

  3. He is pressed so hard against your window - did it leave a mark?

    1. Thankfully since he was fully-clothed it didn't leave a mark. Can you imagine? Barf.


    So gross and so awesome all in one!

    (This is a good reminder to me to not look in these windows, heehee)


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