Lila singing in Spanish

5/14/2014 05:08:00 AM
The pictures and other videos are yet to come, but Lila and Vivi had separate Mother's Day presentations at their school.

I asked Lila to sing me the song that she sang at her presentation, this time I recorded it. It's called, "Esa, esa es mi Mama." (That's my Mom.)

(Turn your volume up.)

She really is that cute in real life.

Link here if you can't see it.



  1. cutest thing ever. that just made my whole face smile, eyes and all. love her.
    love you,

  2. STOP IT!!! She is the sweetest!!

    That voice, the smile, the singing....and then I love you in Spanish at the end. Adorable!

  3. sweetest.thing.ever. what a lovely gift for her mama. and i LOVE that your children will be bilingual. what a gift to them!!


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