What they say.

4/27/2014 07:43:00 PM
Listen, I know that I write about my ladies all.of.the.time -- but that's because this blog is my archive; my history for them. So bear with me. I've been writing these down for a few weeks.

1. Lila and I get one another. Vivi will say something silly and Lila will look at me with a sideways glance like, "She's so cute, isn't she?"

2. I could listen to Vivienne say, "Mike WizKOWski" from Monsters Inc. about 300 times a day. I also quite enjoy, "fluffLy" for "fluffy" and when she gets mad and calls her sister by her version of her Lila's full name: "Lila Rawst." (Lila's middle name is Ross.)

3. For a while there Lila was saying that things were, "disgusting" all the time.  

We had to put a stop to that, but I'll have to tell you -- it's hilarious to hear.

And she also loves deviled eggs and salsa... and bratwurst.

4. Vivi calls "tomatoes" ma-tay-toes.

5. Lila talks with her hands. Nothing cuter than a 4-year-old explaining how the evening is going to work, "First, I will take a bath [hand gesture] and I will wash my hair [hand gesture], you will not [hand gesture], then I will put my PJs on [hand gesture] and then I will watch a bit of T.V.[hand gesture], read a book [hand gesture] and have a snack [hand gesture], ok?"


6. The giggling. The hysterical giggling over nothingness.

7. The needing me. It's not baby-needing me every-second needing, it's the needing me for hugs and reaching the bowls and to plug in the iPad. Still. They need me.

8. This past weekend I told Lila my favorite spanish word [right now] is "cocodrilo." (Crocodile.)

"Lila, what's your favorite word right now?"

[With absolutely no delay.]

Her: "Toilet. Toilet. I love to say Toilet."


9. When Vivi sings the Frozen soundtrack she closes her eyes and really gets into the, "...I don't care what they're going to say... the cold never bothered me anyway."

The don't even know what cold is.

10. Lila cannot grasp the concept of "yesterday" and "tomorrow."

Lila: "Remember what we did tomorrow?"

Um. No.

Lila: "We can go to the park yesterday, right?"

No. I don't think that's humanly possible.

11. Vivi has been coughing lately and I overheard her say to herself, "You go away you silly cough-is." ("Cough-is" is the plural form of "coughs," I now understand.)

12. Lila told me this afternoon that she has a "zdvisible" friend who I can't see because she's... (drumroll please)... "zdvisible."

13. The other day Vivi fell asleep on the way to the store and when I started to loosen her carseat straps she woke up and was super discombobulated and immediately blurted out, eyes closed, "Mommy, I love you!"

Sigh. It's the first thing she thought when she woke up.

14. They hold hands. Often.

15. The other day we were outside and an ant crawled by and my pacifist youngest daughter declared, "I'm gonna spank that ant." We later went on to understand that meant that she was going to eradicate it. (I.e. smoosh it.) (P.S. No, we aren't spankers. We prefer to spare the rod and spoil our children.)

16. When we were leaving home to go to the ER a couple of weeks ago to get Vivi's head stitches, I was holding Lila's hand as we were rushing to the car.

She said, "Mommy, if Vivi needs to stay at the hospital, I will make her a thank-you card..."

Don't be confused.

A "thank-you card" is her version of a "Get well card".

She felt for her sister and she wanted to do whatever she could do to make her baby sister feel better... and well, she makes great cards.



I could go on and on... but this will work for now.



  1. Please move to NC. Our children should be BFFs. :)

  2. these are AMAZING! don't you ever think for one second that you write too much about your ladies on the blog. after nephew-sitting for the weekend i realize that these kids consume a RIDICULOUS portion of your life and to not include cute and incredible things they say would be silly. :) plus, won't it be so cool for them to have this stuff? they'll LOVE you for it, for real.
    love, Miss

  3. These are all so amazingly adorable, and they will love to read these someday! Love to check your blog…and hey, your posts about the girls are my faves! :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Kelly! I appreciate it. And thanks for the comment, too.

  4. She DOES make great cards. I got my first one recently!!! YAY!

    I love this, and them, and you.

    1. We love you, too. :) (And she does make great cards. I concur.)

  5. Replies
    1. You'll be writing posts JUST LIKE THIS in NO TIME AT ALL.

      Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh.

  6. this is spectacular. i love every moment of it. every single morsel.
    * signing frozen with enthusiasm is a constant in our household and it is so cute to watch the show, such emotion behind those closed eyes.
    * disgusting is a common word in our house, we have yet to stop it, it just sounds so cute still
    * aren't unexpected "I love you's" the best?

    have a magical monday. xoxoxo

    1. Hearing children sing, "Let it go" might be Disney's gift to us. Ah, the passion...

      And yes, unexpected I love you's ARE the best.

      Hope your monday is great, too Mel!


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