Through the pipe-cleaner-outfitted eyes of babes...

4/23/2014 07:57:00 PM

She handed me the pipe cleaners and asked, "Mommy, will you make me some glasses?"

I smiled.

"Absolutely, Lila."

I will make you pipe cleaner glasses because it's good to see through the eyes of someone else.

And, because I was once you.

As a child, I have more than a few photos of me wearing Mr. Potato head's glasses.

As a child, I recall more than a few times un-bending a paper clip and then re-bending it so that I could "pretend" I had braces. (Yep, in my mouth the dirty paper clip went.)

Then, as a super-awkward-looking 7th grader I remember starting the schoolyear wearing fake glasses that I bought from Claire's... little did I know that I'd be ending that school year wearing real glasses.

It appears that from an early age it's fun to pretend that we're someone else; to see what life is like as your friend, or your cousin or that girl in the book.

Keep doing that, sweet girl. Put yourself in others' footsteps forever. Always do that.

And thanks for reminding me that I need to do that more often, too.



  1. so adorable. i too wore fake braces and glasses and i even made fake press-on nails from glue. in addition to paper clip braces, i cut up jelly bracelets (which were a little kinder on the gums). i love make-believe that my nephews make up with power tools and what not, but girl make-believe is so fun!! love them.
    Love, Miss

  2. I recall playing to be "bankers" with my sister all the time. With monopoly money and stamps. I preferred to be the banker than the client. Everytime I go to the bank and they stamp my receipt, I remember that game. Makes me smile.

    I recall playing waitresses when my mom gave us chores and we had to clean the table and the kitchen. I'm EXTRA nice to the restaurant staff, and especially the kitchen staff at the brewery because I hated doing the dishes and cleaning the messy table. I did love wearing the apron and "taking orders" from clients though.

    I recall pretending to be a writer. Writing on my journal, I imagined I was writing this awesome book everybody liked. I'm still holding onto that dream. One day, one day....

  3. AHH! I have not purchased pipe cleaners for fun in so long. Looking forward to it. Love the glasses.


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