Shopping, landscaping, hair cuts, painting and more.

So it was a busy weekend!

Lila will be five in June (gasp) so we thought maybe it was time for her first-ever real, not-in-our-courtyard haircut.

Here's the little lady before.

And the requisite back-of-the-head shot. (It was wavy because it was in a braid.)

Here we are at the salon. The nail tech's photo bomb makes my life. They were all so nice.

She wasn't so sure of the whole process.

But she did so well. I love this picture because she looks like a baby still, no?

Here's the after.

Did we cut any off? Yep - just a couple of inches, though.
She actually asked, "Is my hair as short as Vivi's???"

Sweet girl, she didn't trust the mirror. I get it.

So after that, we grabbed Vivi and her Daddy and we all headed down to Cabo to buy some paint at Home Depot, some plants at our favorite nursery and then we stopped at this place - it's pretty amazing. A cornucopia of Mexican decor. Amazing. I can't believe we've lived here for nearly 8 years and haven't ever been there! (We've driven past it 3 trillion times saying, "Yeah, we should go there...")

I mean, you don't even know. Rooms upon rooms upon spaces upon spaces of stuff. Cool stuff.

I couldn't take too many pictures because I was too busy trying to ensure that my children a.) didn't break something (!!) or b.) fall off of a third-floor terrace that had no railings. (Yay, Mexico!)

So after that, we tried a new-to-us taco place.

A good group photo was elusive.

Then we headed home.

Wee-vee was exhausted.

(How cute are those little chair stacked next to Vivienne? Adorable.)

So then we ended the day with these two yahoos watching Frozen. In 3D.

Kindly note:

The hand-holding.
Vivi's excitement.
Lila holding Petal. (Petal is wearing a dress made out of the arm of a pair of footy-pajamas that Lila's Mimi bought her two years ago. The zipper broke in the pj's so Lila (naturally) lost it so we had to fashion pj's for Petal (also naturally.)
(Petal is wearing a dress.)
They're using the baby blankets that I made for them. I think I started Lila's 2 years before she was born.



Next it was Saturday.

We had our courtyard painted last week so in preparation I ripped down the beautiful vines that were growing all the way up the walls (I had enough.) and it left our courtyard naked. So, this weekend it was time to re-plant.

(We painted it a very exciting beige. See below.)

So, here's the sketchy looking courtyard dirt section before.

Nice pipe on the top, right?

First I planted these.

Lovely pink flowers.

Next, I planted these silvery-looking things. What are they? [shrugs shoulders]

You might not be able to see, but they have a very delicate purple flower.

They're precious. What are they? [shrugs shoulders again]


There it is. Un-mulched.

The final row has lovely yellow flowers. They're so cute.

And here it is all mulched.

(Are you overcome by the excitement of my life yet?)

Next up: we need to hang the outdoor wall decor. (I love courtyards. Thank you, Mexico, for introducing them to me. I adore them.)

Exciting changes.


Then came Sunday.

My sister B, mother of these two cuties below, took Lila and Vivi off my hands so that I could organize and clean this room.

It's Lila's room and it's becoming the "sisters' room."

Bunk beds have been ordered and the ladies are going to soon be moving in together. Right now they're sleeping together in the queen bed in Vivi's room. Since Disneyland they've been co-habitating. They want to sleep in the same room, but the same bed thing ain't working so well. We're hoping bunks are the key.

Anywho, so I organized and removed EVERYTHING without a child getting all up in my tasks.

It was HEAVEN. (Thank you, B!)

(That's the pretty under-rug cushion thing.)

Farewell, celery green that I was so excited about when we were preparing for Lila's birth 5 years ago.


So, the ladies fancied the middle paint option, "candy floss."


It looks more like this...

So, after the organizing and paint prep, I picked the ladies up from their cousins' house.

Vivi fell asleep on the 4-minute drive home.

And more impressively, she continued sleeping throughout the transition from the car to the house to the couch.

Sweet girl.

This was 5:30 p.m. We finally had our time change yesterday, too. So this made for a long night...

Sorry, I had to get a closer shot.

So, all in all.

A good weekend.



  1. I love the flowers in your courtyard.

    And your girls.

    And the blankets. And Petals.

    And, well, your family.

  2. Her hair is so gorgeous!!!! I have hair envy. :-)

    I can't wait to see the final make-over of the room!


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