Shoe shopping: Which color? Help.

In July of 2011 I wrote this post. It was called, "They're back and I'm pleased".

They're = Birkenstocks.

And, apparently they're back again.

That said, I want a new* color.

Which do you like?

**If you're my husband, you don't get to vote because I know you hate these shoes. You don't have to tell me.

*(The other pair I bought back in 2011 were these. I bought a size 38, which was supposed to fit my size 7 foot, but they're too big so this time around I'm ordering a 37... which is what I wore back in the high school days. Should have trusted my instincts. Ugh. Returning shoes when you live in MX isn't so convenient, so, in my closet they sit. Anyone want 'em? I can ship them to you for the cost of shipping from MX.)


Antique Lace - white

Billard Nubuck - um, turquoise

Flame orange - my favorite color in life

Russet orange - because who doesn't want potato-colored shoes?

Which birks should I buy?
Antique Lace - white
Billard Nubuck - turquoise
Flame orange
Russet orange
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  1. turquoise is in the lead!!! That is what I pick :-)

  2. Replies
    1. YES! I will get them to you. I will drop them off.

  3. LOVE THE BIRKENSTOCKS! I have/had a pair that I bought IN GERMANY and they were the best. THE BEST! DAS BESTE!


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