Offensive odors in the workplace and chocolate.

4/28/2014 01:32:00 PM
Today has been an interesting day.

Such a pretty sunrise today.

We're getting back into the swing of things after the girls have been out of school for their two-week spring break. The morning didn't flow... Vivi was mad because, "I don't want to go to school," and Lila was adamant that we had her dressed in the wrong uniform. "You're wrong. You will see!"

(We were right. It was pink for her and white for Vivi.)

At work, it was the normal chaos but a fella I work with was walking in the hallway outside of my office, a main thoroughfare, and he asked, "Do you smell that? It smells... sour? Like urine? Or something foul? ... it's almost like B.O.? Do you smell it?"

Um, No. I didn't.

This exchange obviously made me wonder if I'm the one who stinks. But, it's still early in the day and I am confident that my sulfate/paraben/fragrance-free deodorant is still doing the trick.

I leave him to ponder the B.O. smell outside of my office and I get back to work.

He walks by about a half an hour later and this time sticks his nose in my half-closed office door.

"It's in here. The smell is in here!"

Like he just won the lottery!

"You think my office smells like B.O.?"


It was my candle. Apparently to him it smelled like B.O.




Then later in the day I wanted a piece of chocolate. I don't have chocolate in my office, because, well, I'd eat it.

I asked around, "Anyone have a piece of chocolate?"

Another guy I work with, who I had not offended with my alleged B.O. candle said, "Yes! I have a chocolate with cherry in it -- I don't like cherries in chocolate. I wasn't going to eat."

He opens his desk drawer and hands me a single-wrapped chocolate-covered cherry in syrup...

My Mom's favorite.


Sigh. I just can't help but smile today.

She's always with me.

And I think she laughed at the B.O. candle thing, too.



  1. how fun that it was Shirl's favorite chocolate was in the desk drawer. 1). like you, i don't keep chocolate or i will eat it, normally. i've stuck a bunch of dark chocolate squares in my drawer and....wait for it....i haven't eaten a single one?! huh. who am i? :) 2). the BO thing? total weirdo.
    love, Miss

  2. There is a LAMINATED SIGN in our workplace bathroom that say "Please do not spray any perfumes as it may be offensive to those who work around you." I find that so absurd because what about what you DO in the bathroom? That's offensive. People take passive-aggressive office signs way too seriously.

    Awesome about the chocolate.

    1. Absolutely. You've made me want to go find a website that has nothing but office signs. Off I go.


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