Obsessed with Shinola.

I'm not sure when I first read about Shinola, but I was immediately drawn to it. Why? Because they're a watchmaking company... from Detroit.


As a Northwest Ohioan from Toledo, Detroit was a [hip] hop, skip and a jump from us. Every cool concert I went to? In Detroit. Every great baseball game? In Detroit. Every January we checked out the biggest auto show in the land. I respect Motown. I would be honored to wear one of their creations.

Did you know that very, very few watches are made in the U.S.? As in, pretty much none. Yeah, me either.

Enter, Shinola.

Learn more about them here.

I just ordered this and CANNOT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE.

The Birdy 34mm Double Wrap Leather Strap - see here.

Why manufacture watches in Detroit? I love their response:

We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future.


So check out the site and watch the little movie and applaud them for doing something cool in Detroit.

Oh, and they make bikes, too. See here.

Nicely done, Shinola.

**Nope, not compensated for this post. Just think the watch is cool and cannot wait for mine to arrive.


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