Happy Birthday!

4/22/2014 08:08:00 AM
(Because pink is your favorite color. [note the sarcasm])

Sweet friend,

I am excited that today is not only Earth Day, but your birthday.
This is especially cool since you're one of the kindest and sweetest people on the earth.

You're such a good friend. You're supportive and sweet and thoughtful and kind. I've appreciated so much how you've checked in on me, especially these past few months.

You're an INCREDIBLE Mom and you somehow seem to do it all... you're amazing. You're a loving sister, a loving daughter... and I think you're one of the funniest and strongest people I know. Seriously.

This fancy cat and I wish you a day that is full of happy and smiles and top hats and hugs from the cutest little Henry in the world.

(What an unfortunate mustache. Very Hitler-esque.)

Seriously though, I'm so glad you were born, beautiful friend. I think you're wonderful.

Much, much love. Happy Birthday.



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    Your words are too kind and very much appreciated!

    Thank you Kylee, and fancy Hitler kitty with a top hat, your birthday wishes are the best and mean so much to me!! And not just today, but every day.

    Also, I love the pink cake with flowers...you are SO right, that is totally me!! And at least you spelled my name right! teehee ;-)

    HUGS to you my friend, love you!


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