Another Message from the Mom of the Year: Emergency Room Visit #2

[I'll preface this by saying that everyone is ok.]

So the first time Vivi went to the Emergency Room it was exactly one-month after my Mom died, October 9, 2014. I wrote about it here. We were playing, I thought I broke her wrist. Sadness, guilt, blah, blah, blah.

After ER Visit #1 - at my hand.

So enter last Thursday.

I get home from work and we're going to all run to the beach club to SWIM! As you can see, these two were ready to go. (I take sun protection seriously. Lol.)

Photo taken by their Daddy. Sporting their new swimsuits and old rain boots, because... duh.

We all were doing final prep -- I think I asked Vivi to get her shoes out of her closet.

While I'm in my room finishing getting ready, Craig's in the kitchen and Lila's in her room, we hear a LOUD CRASH and henceforth the blood-curdling, heart-halting scream that no parent wants to hear.

The husband makes it to Vivienne first. I soon follow. We have no idea what happened...until a second later when there was BLOOD GUSHING OUT OF HER HEAD.


(Blood is dripping in her eyes at this point.)

You guys.

When I say "gushing" I'm not exaggerating. We had NO idea where it was coming from! Did she hit her head on the door frame? On a corner of her toy shelf? WHERE WAS IT COMING FROM.

After we were able to clean the blood away a bit (it kept flowing!), we saw a nice-sized little 1.5 inch gash in her forehead and realized an ER visit was imminent. This was going to require stitches.

In the middle of her forehead.


Here. I'll tell you. (Thank God there isn't a Gringo Child Protective Services in Cabo).

THIS fell on my 3-year-old peanut's head.

A humidifier. That humidifier broke on my 28 lb. child's head. On her "forthead" to be exact. (She calls it her, "forthead." Which I sort of love.)

I stored the humidifier on the top shelf in her closet but apparently I hadn't pushed it back far enough... and...

YOU GUYS IT FELL ON HER HEAD. (It could have been so much worse...)


SO, she screamed. Blood was everywhere. Lila was scared to pieces. We went to the Emergency Room and she screamed more. The insertion of the numbing stuff (technical term) with the big needle into her gash was obnoxiously painful to watch. There's an, "I-don't-want-to-be-here-doing-this" cry and there's an, "I'm-scared-and-this-hurts-me,-Mommy-help-me" cry. We were dealing with the latter.

Small blurry picture so as to not gross you out.
Be thankful I didn't text you the REAL bloody pictures like I did for my sisters.
So, I held her as they stitched her up (I smile as I write this, because I make it sound so simple... as if.) and as she hid her eyes with her stuffed Minnie Mouse's yellow fuzzy feet pressed up against them. (Sweet girl.) "I don't want anyone to see me."

Three stitches. Clean cut. Sadness all around.

She was a trooper, though.

I learned several things throughout this experience:

1.) Don't place seemingly innocuous objects in locations that could potentially be dangerous or precarious. Duh. That humidifier could fall on your kid, Kylee.

2.) Head wounds exhibit a RIDICULOUS amount of blood. Like, copious amounts of blood. Like that one towel ain'

3.) Oreos fix everything.

So, that was that.



The next morning, I showed the little lady her boo-boo so that she would know not to touch it. She wasn't pleased. :(

So I let her put on my lip gloss.

Still, she felt great. She took exactly one dose of tylenol and didn't need or want a second. "My head doesn't hurt, Mommy. I'm healin'."

Sweet girl.

Nothing can hold this little sprite down. She's keeping busy just reading and taking care of her babies.

Look! She found the independence of having her baby feed herself!

She wanted to see what her "titches" looked like so she posed. And I showed her.

Yeah, I don't really know what to tell you about this one...

And that was that. All is well now. We're keeping her stitches out of the sun and they should be out tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hopefully we can go more than six months without an ER visit.


Here's to an uneventful holiday weekend to you and yours!



  1. Poor Viv! Accidents happen, obviously, so no CPS calls from Virginia to MX will be made on your behalf. :( i'm glad the little peanut is doing well.
    Love and hugs, Aunt Miss

  2. I've been doing some research on the cream I told you about for her scar.

    It's a line of products, and I have contacted the lab (yes, I did), and I have good news! The powerful one can only be used in older kids (12+ years old). BUT, they have a gel, that is recommended on kids 2+ years old.

    The name is CICATRICURE GEL, and you can find it at the Mega drugstore. I use the strong one for my nasty cyst scar, and it is working, slow but working. Of course, mine is really gross and big and puffy and red. Vivi's will be pink and smooth.

    Here's the link (sorry it is in spanish, couldn't find one in english) if you want to check it out:

    There's also a natural cream called "concha nacar" that is for scars too, but it works a little slower and you have to be really careful to wash her face every time in the morning, because it cannot be exposed to sun (leaves stains). More complicated to be honest.

    Things happen, and I can imagine the guilt. If it makes you feel better, I dropped Nico at 6 months old, on his Baptism day. His forehead was the size of a soccer ball and he looks like that in all his pictures. Great day to drop your kid for the first time. In Mazatlan, with family and friends, having Jesus as a witness. It was mortifying. But I think he forgave me quick =)

    Love you, see you Saturday!


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