Today marks an anniversary.

3/15/2014 05:38:00 PM
Today is the 24th anniversary of the passing of my Dad.

He had great hair.
A pretty fantastic laugh.
He instilled in me a loyalty for Saturday Night Live -- even when they go through rough seasons.
He thought Gilda Radner was funny.
He listened to the CATS soundtrack and liked U2 and the soundtrack from The Big Chill.
He was a runner and he's why I wear New Balance shoes.
Did I mention he had great hair?
He was strong and he worked hard.
He liked coffee from McDonald's.
He liked tea. I like tea.
He called me Kylee-kins.
And when it was time for bed he'd ask, "Do you know what time it is?" And I'd ignore the question and he'd say, "Bedtime for Bonzo!"
He bought me Prang-brand crayons and I hated them because I preferred crayola.
He liked blue cheese dressing and Wendy's salads.
He drank Tab.
And Lipton Iced tea.
He was a coach.
He wore a light-blue sweatshirt with cut-off sleeves that had a big yellow smiley face on it.
He was a vietnam vet.
When he was going through cancer treatment in Maryland he brought me back a little teddy bear that I named, "Tedit." I still have that bear. 
He loved me. He loved all of children.
And we loved him.
And today, even today, I miss him and I smile when I think of him.

I smile.


  1. he volunteered at St. A's bingo...and wore a polish eagle t-shirt a lot.
    He brought home an egg mcmuffin on the way home from his runs in the morning, after working the night shift and always shared part of it with me.
    He smoked until one day, he quit...started chewing carefree sugarless bubble gum and become a runner. The first day he couldn't run a mile. Later he ran marathons. He was determined.
    He really liked math and was a great teacher.
    He taught be the abc's but forgot the g.
    He loved sports and loved his boys in sports.
    He was the center of an entire family - when he left, the family was lost.
    He liked Pontiac's, and drove a green one with me in it to Maryland for a trisha/dad trip.
    I wish I would have known him for so much longer.

    1. This is awesome.I love this. Thank you for writing it.

      Who needs the "G" anyway?

  2. He called me Baby Doll
    He taught me to love the Who
    He took care of me so much he might as well have been my dad too until I was 10 yrs old.
    He taught me how to have brothers and a sister and to get along. (yes I stood in the corner too)
    Even though those stand in siblings were my cousins.
    I had chores to do when I was at his house
    All of this prepared me for when I went to live with my actual father and had real siblings of my own.
    He wore Sure deodorant. (the spray)
    I wear Sure deodorant to this day,
    It reminds me of him every morning when I put it on!

    1. Oh, Marci. Thank you. This is fantastic.

  3. I wish I had known your Dad - what I do know is fantastic. I love the list.


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