To my sister, a birthday blog post, not a cake.

3/18/2014 06:38:00 AM

Dear Sister,
While I cannot bake a multi-layered ombre cake, or really any cake from scratch, I can write.

So here I go.

Happy, happy birthday to you!
There is something so special about having an "big" sister because you're literally born with a cheerleader, a fashion consultant, a life coach and someone who loves you unconditionally... since birth.

Big sisters love you when you say slightly inappropriate things.
Big sisters love you when you make... decisions.
Big sisters love you no matter how many miles might separate you.
Big sisters love you.

Big sisters are always so cool, too. They do the coolest things, visit the best places, wear the best clothes.

So much of who I am is because of you.
I listened to music that you listened to and to this day love Pearl Jam, because. (I'm sorry, I don't favor TLC, though.) :)
I wore/collected high-top Chuck Taylor's not because I had the original thought that that was cool, but because you did.
I wore leggings with skirts because you did.
I read certain books because they were on your shelf.
For years I bought Neutrogena shampoo because when you lived in Arizona that's the kind of shampoo you used.

Your influence on my life has been great. Beyond great.

You're why I wear sunscreen and hats and why my eyebrows aren't squinty little lines, but instead faux-filled in.

Throughout my time in Cabo, you've done nothing but support me in all ways. My time at your house will forever be one of my most favorites memories. You paved the way for us, sister. You created a world and welcomed us into it. For that I will *forever* be grateful. Thank you.


Then I got pregnant and you shared that entire experience with me.You encouraged me beyond words. I had as much confidence as a first-time Mom can have because I had you behind me, cheering me on (as you always do). You normalized momming things that were just new and awkward for me. 

Then there's my ladies. You love them, oh, you love them. Unconditionally. Enthusiastically. With all of your heart.

You know more than anyone that when people see your children for the INCREDIBLE creatures they are, it pleases you. It pleases you deep in your heart. And my ladies are loved by their Aunt T and they know it. Your noteriety in our house is akin to that of a Disney character -- a good one like Tink or Minnnie. 

Um, that's huge.


All of this is to say, you are loved. So loved.
You are supported. 
It's funny how life levels out and how now, as still (always) your baby sister, I can cheer for you.

I want all of the good things for you.
I want all of the sunshine.
All of the happy.
All of the laughter. (So much laughter.)
I want rest-filled nights and bright-inspiring mornings.
I want for you rainbows and unicorns and pixie dust. (If the latter aren't available, at least the first.)

You are a woman of kindness and conviction and I love that I can call you sister.
I love that we share a past beyond what I can remember. (I find so much comfort in that.)

I love you to the moon and back and I am so thankful that you were born.

Happy Birthday, sister.



  1. Sister, I love you with all my heart. I shan't say more right now because I am too busy crying. Thank you.....

  2. You know my intention is never to make you cry. :) But I'm glad you know you're loved.


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