The Disney Vacation: The rest of the trip! (FINALLY, pictures!)

So back in February, we surprised our little ladies and took them to Disneyland. I wrote all about the surprise here. And then I wrote about the first day here.

So our second day in the parks started off uber-fun since we were able to enter the park an hour early during the "Magic Hour." (You can get into parks early when you stay at Disney hotels.)

The girls were pumped and ready to go while they waited for the stroller rental. (I'm so glad we decided against taking our double Bob/double Maclaren/single Bob/single cheapo umbrella strollers.)

The Disney strollers were CLEAN, easy to maneuver and a perfect solution. (Remember! Tie a bow on YOURS to easily find it!)

So, as soon as we walk into the park, who do we see?


The man.

We were the last people to get to him... perfect timing!

Their first autograph EVER was Mickey! Wah-who!

We pretty much could have just turned around and went home, as far as I was concerned. I mean, I love Mickey.

Still, we had a little surprise so we had to move on to this place...

The girls had surprise appointments to be made over by a Fairy Godmother.

New princess dresses, hair done, nails done, makeup done... even a photoshoot and chance to meet the princesses without a line!

Lila was PUMPED.

Vivi, eh. Not so much.

Lila decided on a Rapunzel dress, complete with tiara, magic wand, purse and gloves.

Vivienne wasn't having any of that princess stuff.

Here's Lila "hair" before. (This is a mix of iphone pics and big, fancy camera pics. So, just go with it, please.)

I love the hair spray shield.

Out of all of the princess get-ups, Vivi chose Minnie. (Which I sort of loved.) No tiara, no wings, no additionals except for a reasonable purse, gloves and Minnie bobbie socks and clip-on Minnie ears. :)

Hair done? No.
Makeup? No.
Nails? No.
Pixie dust? [shrugs her shoulders] "ok."

Who can deny pixie dust!?

Did I mention that after they slicked Lila's hair back/down she was able to then pick a hair piece? Yes. Of course. She chose this natural-looking pink mane. :)

It would seem that the Fairy Godmothers are taught to tease the hair. Poodle-style.

Vivienne enjoyed watching.

The placing of the tiara.

The blowing-on-the-nails post-polishing.

And then, the princess before she saw herself in the mirror!  That smile... (That smile makes this Mommy's heart happy.)

She was so pleased. :)

The anticipation...


Next, it was our turn [to wait] for the photoshoot in the pumpkin carriage. :)


It was cute.

I want them to reenact this when they're 17 and 18.

AND... the money shot.

Let's go home now.

This picture says it all.

The excitement.

The delight.

It was just incredible to witness. I speak for Craig when I say, it just filled.our.hearts.

So after the photoshoot, you're taken to the front of the line at the Fantasy Faire. The faire features 3 princesses at a time.

The first princess we saw was PRINCESS MINNIE.

(Vivi was seriously, over.the.moon.)

And then after the Minnie-hugging, Vivi came over to me, while Lila was still with Princess Minnie and she said:


She is. sooooo. beautiful...."


And next we met the gorgeous, Mulan. More excitement.

And finally, Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty.

Lila was so proud of how she looked... then to get to meet and talk to and hug a princess?


So after this, we went over to check out the sitch over in Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Woods.

AGAIN! The line-guard-lady took pity on us and we were the last people in line to see the characters before a break! YAY! Right time, right place... again. (This happened to us over and over again the whole time we were there.)


Waiting ing line. (Rapunzel had to remove her crown. It hurt. So, I wore it.)


And then Eeyore.

Vivi was concerned. She felt that he was too sad. When Lila walked away to the next character... Vivi stayed, hugged him, then kissed him on his nose.

It was pretty precious.


Could this day get ANY BETTER?!


 So after all of that... it was nap time.

Even princesses need to sleep. (That's Lila's bunny Petal with a barbie dress on.)

They're seriously sleeping like that.

Vivi refused to eat most of everything the entire trip... except the peanut & butter jelly sandwich things that were in the Craftsman's Club at the Hotel. She loved waking up and having... three.

After nap time, we were on a mission to meet Tink.

The ladies with Tinkerbell and Iridessa.

 And then it was time to prepare for their first ever Disney parade.

My little weirdos.

Such awesome family time.


Hello MARY POPPINS! (The girls were so happy to see her. And P.S. I'm not going to make you look at every photo we took of the parade... You're welcome.)

The day was so fantastic.

...and SCENE.

So... bright and early we had our last day at the parks.

This time we, again, went directly to see more princesses. (Hey, it's the way we roll.) 
No line! We were the first people there.

Yes, that lady is very perky. (And entertaining for the ladies.)
And yes, Lila's wearing her Rapunzel dress. Again. There's no such thing as dirty laundry at Disney.

This time we got to meet Ariel!

And (gasp) Cinderella!

 I loved this one... Cinderella was talking to them about her sisters...

We saw Aurora again... the ladies were pumped. Again.

Next we went to see Rapunzel in her show.

Here they are front-row with a little girl they met... she was a Spanish-speaker. They felt the need to take her under their wings. :)

We rode some rides...



And then, we just played and took mandatory photos.

Not many photos after this point...
Just us.
Just being. :)

Toward the end of the night we did the carousel for the last time.

And back we went to the Craftsman's Club for a story and the fireworks.

And then... it was time to go.

Goodbye Downtown Disney!

They weren't pleased about leaving.
Vivi wouldn't even look at the camera. ;)
Lila's smile makes me laugh.

...but... as soon as we got home... the princessing continued.

I think this is a sign of memories well made.

Sigh. Life as it should be.


We had an incredible time.

It was so fun.

I want to go back again.


If you want to take a look at the gobs of other photos, visit my flickr site >> click here.


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  1. My kids are begging to go to Disney but my husband would rather have hot pokers in his privates. Thankfully my mom agreed to go with us in a year or two!! Keira would lose her marbles over all those princesses!!!

  2. I loooooooooooooooved the photos. I even sent the link to my husband with excitement because we're going in January and I can't wait to take Bella to the boutique! It's all that she talks about probably because I've already told her all about it. I just hope that by January they have Elsa as an option (if they don't already!).

    I almost forgot! I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog today =)

  3. Yay! I was waiting to see these pictures!! THAT is a million dollar photo. You're right, you could have just come back to Cabo after that... or not. =)

    I'm SO glad you had an awesome family vacation. Well deserved, well enjoyed, well spent, well cherished.

  4. Oh Kylee, I smiled throughout this ENTIRE post!!!

    The smiles, the laughter, the happiness, the costumes, the pictures, the not looking at the camera when it was time to go home (HA!), the magic of it awesome!!

    I am SO glad you all had an amazing time and experience!!

    (Ok, now I am going back to look at some of the pictures again because they warm my heart.)


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