The Disney Vacation II: Day 1 - California Adventure

So where did I leave off? Ah yes, I wrote here about how we took our little ladies (ages 3 and 4, respectively) to Disneyland for the first time. We surprised them and then told them where they were only after we were safely nestled in the hotel.

**DISCLAIMER: I really had no intention of having my camera attached to my neck at every moment. Our goal was to have fun. No schedules. No rules. Just BE. Just experience. SO... you'll notice copious amounts of characters and princesses and posed shots. Sorry about that. The fly-by-the-seat-of-our pants moments we didn't film because we were too busy living. (Woop, woop.) And, the quality of some photos are awesome (because the Disney peeps took them) and the quality of others are... well, not so great because we took them. You'll know which are which. Trust me.

Let's begin now...

We were up and at 'em the first morning after a little breakfast at the Craftsman's Club. Fantastic amenity. Spend the little bit extra. Access to this fully-stocked lounge is worth it. Coloring book pages and crayons, kid-friendly and adult-friendly snacks (and spirits), story time and you can watch the Disneyland fireworks from the lounge/balcony. (There are other awesome extras, but you can learn about that on google.)

Here's Vivi enjoying what she ate throughout the entire trip: yogurt.

On the first day we decided to break in slowly and conquer Disney's California Adventure.

We stayed at the hotel that was actually connected to the park. This is incredible because you rent a stroller, leave it by your entrance and come back and pick it up hours later when you and your kiddos go back to the room to take a power nap. It all works out because it's Disney and no one steals anything. Convenience factor = 10.

Doc's in the house.

The first thing we hit up was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show featuring Doc McStuffins, Sophia and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

They were pretty excited.

(Sorry about that pretzel on your eye, Craig.)

After that, Buzz needed to meet Buzz.

Because, duh.

Buzz was the first character we saw. As you can see, Vivi was a bit standoffish. However, rest assured that she was pumped later and talked about him a lot. (Also know that she's wearing her Buzz Lightyear shirt.)

You'll notice that Lila wanted nothing to do with Buzz...


So Vivi's eating apples here. This is after we bought her a $12.00 meal. She literally cost us like $150 before we just stopped buying her anything but the Disneyland "Power packs" that consisted of yogurt, a banana, apple slices, goldfish and a water. That's all she ate. For like 4 days.

Lila was just beginning to think this whole thing was coo at this point. It was all still so new to her.

It was magical (seriously) to watch it all unfold... Here she is wearing her 1st visit pin!

We rented strollers because it was ridiculously easy and they were great. We brought along a pink ribbon for each that we tied on the handles (thank you sister!) and we could easily spot ours wherever we were. (This is super-handy since the Disney folks move your stroller if it's not where it should be.)

After a refreshing nap, these two were ready to go back to CA Adventure.

The turn-about things that you have to push so you can enter the parks were so confusing for Vivi. She finally just started walking underneath them. Which made us all laugh.

Here they are in line for their first real "ride", the Monster's Inc. one.  They loved it.

We were killing time before dinner at Aerial's Grotto so we did the carousel.

Vivi wasn't feeling it. She smiled but she was like, "Um... I'm uncomfortable with this."

This is before it started moving...

Lila thought it was thrilling in only the way a round-and-round ride can be.

When we were through, Lila wanted her face painted.

This is epic.

Lila never, ever, EVER wants her face painted. EVER.

AND... she asked us. We didn't suggest it because it's normally a lost cause.  AND... during this trip she talked to everyone. Our usually shy, stand-offish, cautious little sweetie pie was confident and running up to princesses hugging them.

Astounding. She's growing up.


Next, I made my first mistake of the trip. I booked us dinner at Ariel's Grotto.

The girls "patiently" waited for our table. (Vivi had strangers laughing at her crazy dancing.)

So I thought that we were going to eat with the princesses. I was telling the girls we were going to eat with the princess. LILA GOT HER FACE PAINTED TO SHOW ARIEL, THE LITTLE MERMAID.

Well, Ariel and the princess are there... they're just there during the day.

They are not there for our 5:45 p.m. dinner.

SO... that was slightly disappointing. Dinner = no princesses.

I felt so bad. So, so bad.

Lila kept saying, "No worries, Mommy. It's ok."

Sigh again.

Children are so forgiving. We could learn some lessons from them. THAT's for sure.

BUT, what we did get was VIP tickets to the World of Color music/water/light show later that night. This was super cool. We all loved it.

Here are Vivi and I are FREEZING (it was so cold that night... only for us, I think...) eating outside at Ariel's Grotto. This is another meal Vivi declined. I believe it was $30.00 and she ate ketchup.

Lila and her Daddy. :)

Here's Lila on the pier.

I'd say it's probably one of my favorites of the trip.

It was a great night. Seriously.

And look, a kind stranger took a photo of us!

The first day and night was seriously. Awesome. We smiled and smiled and laughed and laughed.

It was just.what.we.needed.

Day 3 (Disneyland) will be posted in a few days. The girls met the princesses. BOOM.


Our Disney Vacation:

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