The dentist.

3/04/2014 09:08:00 AM
found this on pinterest. fabulous.

I don't like going to the dentist.
It's not that I have anything against dentists.

If anything, I have mad-respect [insert double-fist chest thump, extended arm-action] for anyone who values good dental health enough to be willing to look into the mouths of others and smell the breath of virtual strangers all day long.

(Perhaps the mad-credit should instead be given to the hygienists who first clean the mouths of the patients that the dentist has to evaluate.)

No matter how you look at it, I don't like going to the dentist's office.

I literally am more vulnerable at the dentist's office than

I don't like having someone all up in my mouth prohibiting me from... gasp!... not speaking.


Boo to oral hygiene... I mean. Well, you know what I mean.


Note: This post was written yesterday (Monday) before my appointment. The appointment went well and as it appears I have TWO chipped teeth (gasp) in the back of my mouth (non-visible. Thank you Lord.) and the big black hole in my molar that I SWORE was tooth decay (thank you, web MD) was really just a mercury filling... a filling I apparently have no recollection of getting... in my adult-life. Because, why would I?

And I wonder why I can't remember to shave both legs in the shower.


And P.S. The dentist was so nice (and recommended by my sister and tons of friends) and he also asked me how old I was (it's Mexico.) and I told him 34. He guessed 18 in a non-creepy way. Um. I'll be getting my teeth cleaned every six months FOR SURE. Excellent marketing technique.

And another P.S. Having your mouth wide-open while they simultaneously clean your teeth and flood your mouth with water and suck the water out is almost more than I can bear.

 I could drown.

I'd rather go to the gynecologist.



  1. Oh I hear you. I have had the most horrific experiences at the dentist office. I've endured 2 wisdom teeth extractions. Both I was awake for. I've had 2 scalings where they literally scrap your gums with a knife.

    My biggest problem is that I'm Novocaine resistant. Meaning I need at least 10 shots in my face for it to work. I am so numb afterwards I can't speak or eat for 7 hours. My entire face is numb!

  2. I had an EXTREME fear of the dentist for years. It all stemmed from the time when my dentist took my braces off, saw that my tooth was still crooked, and then picked up pliers and turned it himself.

    (true story)

    I avoided going back for years (and have paid the consequences). Upon my return I've found that dentistry has changed immensely from the days "when I was a kid". Bedside manner is tremendous, they are gentle, courteous, and non-abrasive.

    I don't love the dentist now--but I don't fear it anymore.

    So glad your appointment went well!

  3. I haven't gone to the dentist in FAR too long. Hate going. Need to go.

    And glad it went well!

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