3/23/2014 09:43:00 PM
Proof that this one is mine.

"Mommy, I'm going to take my purse, ok? I have things that I need in it, like my keys and fruit. Well, it's just a strawberry."

Also said, "You know brown and black do go together." (In reference to her shoes. They're brown and black sequin leopard print. She wears them like they're a croc or a tennis shoe.)

Proof that this one does indeed adore her Daddy.

This melted my heart today.

Vivi put herself down for a nap. Which is weird, since she loathes napping.

After she woke up, she walked out to the family room and cuddled and slept with her Daddy for about 45 more minutes.

Just because.

Absolutely precious.



  1. :)

    Thank goodness brown and black go together now. I would have nothing to wear.

    Fruit in the purse!!!! So cute.

  2. You know, this post makes me smile.

    Lila's comments, I mean how old is she again?!?! Love it!

    And Vivi and words for that.

    Happy post :-)


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