on grief: One of the best gifts I've ever received

So, I got to see my little sister a couple of weeks ago. Our original planned visit was derailed in December, so we never got to exchange Christmas gifts.

Not long after she picked me up from the airport, we were sitting on her bed, her hoodie zipped up to her chin, and she handed me my Christmas gift...


She gave me the best.gift.ever.

It's this.

So see that, "Love mom"?

That's my Mom's very distinctive handwriting.

My little sister has a matching one. (Hence the zipped-up hoodie. Sisters notice everything.)


I cried. (I always cry these days.)

My sister found an etsy store that takes written words and transfers them to jewelry, items, etc.

My sister simply sent Sylvia a card that my Mom had written to her that closed with, "Love Mom." And wah-la. There you have it.

This is true gift that means so, so very much to me.

And please note that today I was brave enough to wear The Dress. It's the dress that I haven't worn for about six months and 3 weeks.

I wrote about the dress here.


So bookmark this etsy shop: Silvery Moon Jewellery [sic]

And like the Facebook page here.

These gifts are priceless to the receiver.

I mean.



**PLEASE NOTE that I wrote this post based on my experience with Silvery Moon Jewellery. I was not asked to write this, nor did I receive compensation or a kickback of any type with the publishing of this post.


--The Story of Loss. On Losing my Mom.
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  1. Beautiful story, Ky.


  2. this gift is absolutely amazing. just so special. i can picture you touching it and it makes my heart happy (and sad all at once). i think a whole separate blog post could be written about wearing the dress....i'm proud of you, my friend.
    love you,

  3. I'm crying too. What a wonderful gift, T! Perfect in its simplicity.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. what a thoughtful and perfect gift. i know she's always close to your heart, but how beautifully tangible this makes it.

  6. I've been reading your posts about your Mom for the past 6 months thinking about how hauntingly beautiful & painful they were. I haven't commented often, but I've been reading.

    2 weeks ago my 27 year old sister-in-law (and one of my best friends) died suddenly at the age of 27. My heart is broken, and I know I will be revisiting your posts many times in the coming months. Thank you for writing them.

    This gift is priceless. Thank you for the idea. ... off to go find Jaime's signature to make this for my MIL.

    1. Oh, Josey. No.

      I am so, so, so very sorry.

      Sigh. :(


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