Recap: Vivienne's Best Day Ever. (Her 3rd Birthday.)

2/02/2014 10:07:00 PM
Our sweet Vivienne Kate turned 3 last Friday.

She woke up so ridiculously happy. She really understood that it was her day.

Kind of precious.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to her in the morning.

Then she put on last year's birthday dress and proceeded to pose before school.

Here's this year (left) and last year (right).

What a difference a year makes. :)


Yes, I'm serious.

I love this one. Lila was so excited that it was Vivi's day. She had no issue playing second fiddle.

It made me smile.


So off to school we went to set up for Vivienne's birthday party with her class.

We set up the birthday meal for 28 kiddos.

Lunch was chicken nuggets, apple slices, goldfish and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. (I should have thought that one through...)

I asked if Lila could come to the party. Here she is in her classroom with the Birthday cake paper that she made for her.

I love how she spelled her sister's name.

When we walked into the room where Vivi's class was waiting for us, she was happily surprised.

Vivi joined us at the front of the room where we talked all about Vivi to her class. We went over her photo board and she introduced us to her amigos.

Here's Vivi with her teacher, an ANGEL.

After we sang, "Happy Birthday" in Spanish and English it was time for hugs... from family and from the kiddos in her class.


My proud girl.

Next we were off to eat.

A normal Vivi face. :)

We sang Happy Birthday again... :)

And Vivi was pleased.

So glad Vivi's Mimi (Craig's Mom) was able to celebrate with us. :) She's always here for Vivi's birthdays... love that.

It was a completely successful party at school!

She was very, very pleased and at one point told me that she was "very happy being 'free' (three)."

And then, because her birthday landed on Friday we decided to have her small family party... minion themed, as well of course, on the same day. It was a birthday party for Vivienne and her cousin Brody. (Bro's birthday is just several days before Vivi's. She turned 3, he turned 4.)

Vivi was quite pleased to see the two balloons hanging outside the door. (The other two blue ones had already popped before she got home... but that's what's awesome about wee ones. They're happy with what they see, not with what they do not.)

Here are some "eh" pics of some of the decor.

Pin the goggles on the minion game. (Craig made the minion.) It was taller than Vivienne.

Our courtyard.

We made minion masks. I kind of loved them. And the kids wore them for about 20 minutes, which pleased me. :)

Vivienne at the kiddo's table on the patio before the party.

The other "activity" was painting. :)

I wanted to take some pics of the birthday girl before the party, but she had a phone call. "One moment, Mommy."

She wore her school birthday crown all night. :)

The many faces of Vivienne Kate.

 Wearing the minion mask.

The INCREDIBLE birthday cake made by Vivi's aunt.


And then it was cake and singing time.

Sweet Brody.

That face.

Lila and Bella. Cousins.

Our fam.

It was nighttime - but they painted anyway. Cutie pies.

The birthday girl got this hat for her birthday. She loves it.

One of my favorite Mexican traditions is that the birthday gifts (and shower gifts, for that matter...) are never opened up at the party in front of the guests... they're opened up later.

I love that. 

Vivienne was pleased to open everything the next morning. Happy, happy girl.

We had SUCH a nice time.

My baby is growing up.


Love you, sweet girl.



  1. First of all, Vivi is the cutest thing EVER. Second of all, I LOVE the tradition of not opening presents at the party...wonder how I can start doing that?

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!! Her, Lila, you, Craig, seeing Jenna and your other Cabo Nieces and nephews!! All the kids are getting so "old"! I am NOT happy about it!! Lots of Hugs and Happy Bday Vivi!!!

  3. Oh man, I just LOVE everything about this post. EVERYTHING.

    The pure joy on her face, the outfits, the faces (oh how I love the faces), the holding hands between sisters, the parties (nicely done with both!), the singing, the smiles...I mean everything!

    I am SO glad you all had a great day full of laughs, smiles and cake!!

    (I also hate opening gifts infront of people...that is a good tradition in MX)

  4. Wow, Kylee. What a special treat you gave your girl.

    Is it me or is she like identical to you? Those first pictures, of Vivi in her party dress, they look SO much like you. I love all of the family that surrounds you and loves on you all. What a special day.


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