Oh, Cabo. I'll forever love you.

Recently I was chatting with some friends about location.

And by location, I mean where you live. Where you call home.

I'm originally from Ohio and while I will forever have lovely memories of growing up there, I would rather not live there again for the sole reason that I don't like winter. I hate snow. I don't like to be cold.

Life is too short to be cold.

I'll happily forego the traditional notion of changing seasons (leaves falling, rain, flowers blooming) for the seasonality here on the Baja peninsula. Sure it's always sunny here, but we do have seasons... it's spring right now, in fact. Just ask the hummingbirds that hang out by the aloe vera plants in my front yard.
This is not my front yard, but I have about 30 of these and the yellow blooms mean SPRING!


There are obviously pros and cons to living anywhere.

Sure, we have the beach and sunshine, but you cannot buy a good pair of jeans in all of Cabo.

And sure, we have incredible tamales and fish tacos, but best of luck finding ANY sort of pudding.

Because every store needs that much jello. Note, no pudding. Anywhere. Want a pudding pie? Sorry. Get ready to pay $8 a box for it at our one "speciality store."

(Usually my complaints about Cabo revolve around food.)

Still, I smile.

I've been looking for canned garbanzo beans for a while at the local grocery store, Mega.

They used to be in the canned vegetable aisle (not the canned bean aisle, which is separate), because that sort of makes sense, but I haven't seen them for months.

That's because they're now in the cake/peanut butter/syrup/maraschino cherry/canned fruit and jello aisle.

Can you see them?

Yep, bottom shelf sandwiched between the beets and raspberry jelly.


Such is life in Cabo.



  1. HAHAHAHAAHAHA!! This cracks me up! Ah... the things you have to put up with when you live in paradise. :)


    Beets. Beans. It is like the same ;-)


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