Moments of Bliss (i.e. Things that make me happy.)

2/01/2014 09:46:00 PM
1. Peeling an egg and experiencing the elation of having the shell slide off effortlessly in one or two sheets.

2. Putting your child(ren) to bed and not hearing the door creak open, a request for water or any crying whatsoever. Not once.

3. Finding a checkout lane at the grocery store that is wide open, features an expedient and knowledgable cashier and a competent bagger who actually has your groceries packed up and ready to go and in your cart BEFORE you finishing paying. (This never happens in Cabo.)

4. Downloading a movie on Apple TV on s-l-o-w Cabo Telmex internet and not having to wait for it to buffer at all.

5. Breakfast for dinner.

6. A fresh layer of nail polish on your nails that manages to escape the hours post-painting without bubbles, chips or quilting.

7. The moment when your child wakes up and quietly walks out of her room clapping because she's happy to see you.

8. Orange sunrises and pink and purple sunsets.

9. This.


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