Line = crossed.'m not what you would call athletic. (Although I'm on Week 8 of T25!)

I don't ski.
I don't luge.
I don't ice dance.

I don't even really watch the Olympics really, but I happened to see Bode Miller's interview with the ridiculously callous sportscaster, Christin Cooper, after he found out that he was going to get the bronze.

Cooper continued to barrage him with questions about his dead brother even when he was visibly upset.

From Leonhard Foeger / Reuters


I couldn't even look at my TV screen.

Is that what journalism has come to?

Bode was there to do his job. His job is flying down icy hills. His job is not to talk about his personal life.

I was appalled.

What did you all think?

Bode responded on twitter, kindly...

Still. REALLY?

She had several opportunities to back off when he was SILENT and not answering her questions, but she didn't. Yuck.

Just yuck.

And the camera didn't leave him alone, either. Even after the interview was over and he was hugging his wife/girlfriend.


Article here.
Bode's Twitter account here.



  1. While I was quite disgusted with this interview last night, I did calm down after watching Bode on the "Today" Show this morning. He and Christin go way back and are friends. I will follow his request to not be upset with her and go on with my life now. I thought he did well with saying that this morning.

    1. He's definitely being the bigger person, here. I know we shouldn't hate on Christin, but oy. She shouldn't have been so hard-hitting especially because they're friends from way back. Loss is loss and pushing someone's grief out in the open is just not cool. :(

      But if Bode's cool with it, maybe I should just chill. :)


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